Berlin Variant Rules Clarification - HIP Interior Wall Breaches [BVR34]


Jul 14, 2007
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North Texas
Cross-posted from ASL Rules & Errata:

BVR34 in the Berlin: Fall of the Third Reich / Tyrant's Lair rules (Critical Hit) allows for secretly recorded hidden breach locations in "any hex containing an interior wall that begins within a side's setup area". I'm wondering if the definition of interior walls extends to connected Partially Collapsed Building (PCB) and/or Partially Destroyed Building (PDB) hexes? For example, on the Tyrant's Lair map, RR62/QQ62 is a black bar hexside where RR62 is an intact multi-level stone building hex and QQ62 is a PCB (rubble) hex. My interpretation of the rule is that you could set up with a HIP breach on the ground level (only) between RR62/QQ62.

Similarly, hex PP59 on the TL map is a printed rubble/PCB(?) hex that shares black bar hexsides with OO60, PP60 and QQ60. OO60 and PP60 are PCB hexes; QQ60 is intact (multi-level, stone building). However, because PP59 is actually lying across Anhalter Strasse and doesn't appear to be part of the Allemania Hotel complex as the other three hexes are, my interpretation in this case is that the black bar hexsides PP59/OO60 -/PP60 and -/QQ60 do not qualify as "interior walls" and therefore are not eligible for HIP breaches.

What say you, GameSquad?