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Apr 17, 2004
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llUnited States
A few Weeks ago I bought a large ASL game collection form Merly Rutz. I have taken what I wanted and been
able to sell the core modules and v2 ASLRB to a newbie for what both of us felt was a reasonable price. Now it's
time to sell the rest and to clean out some of the other things that I have been holding for to long.

This is some of what is for sale.

>From AH & MMP

Action Packs, Annuals, Journals, Mounted and un-mounted maps, AFV cards, ASL rule book v1, some core modules, all
the HASL modules,

Scenarios from the General

Third Party Publishers

Backblast, CH, Schwerpunkt, HoB, Hell on Wheels, ToT, and WCW Scenarios in color.

All scenarios, maps, counters and rules are in each magazine and/or module. All of this is in very good condition
some items are in excellent condition. If you are interested in bidding on any item please send me an email and
I'll send you the details and instruction on how I'm going to conduct this auction. None of this will be conducted
on the ASLML or any other forum by me.

Auction starts 29 Jan 03