ASL Journals in PDF Format

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Nov 25, 2010
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But . . .

HASL's, especially BRT, have a LOT of rules. Rules that need to be read and re-read numerous times. I like to have a copy for myself so I can thoroughly go over the rules before I start playing.

And ASL is all about collecting right? Its nice to continue what I started as a teenager in the 80's'/90's. Its nice to 'have' the various elements of ASL on hand for your use.

And finally, I only have a few hobbies (ASL, CM, GOSS) and I want to see them succeed as a company as they are small companies - so any chance I have to support them financially through their products I take it to help keep their revenue stream alive. As a business owner I unfortunately understand staying alive all too well :)

Couldnt be happier to see ASL not only surviving, but thriving apparently.


I am all for supporting MMP and TPP's that develop products for our hobby.

However, by paying US$ 300 or other absurd prices on eBay for out-of-print stuff does neither support MMP nor any TPP. The support was 'paid' when the product was originally purchased by whomever did so.

That said, if you find your opponent who owns the kit to play, I see nothing questionable in getting hold of an electronic copy of the rules you need to play with and which you can use before you start playing.

In how far ASL is about playing or collecting will have a wide range of individual nuance. For me it is more about playing, rather than collecting. Though I do own some 3500 scenarios (at the moment) and I don't know how many HASLs/CGs, which is more than I can finish in my lifetime for sure. So continuing to buy stuff has an irrational element to it. However, I want to maintain a 'complete system', i.e. all current boards / counters / rules.

So if you want to play BRT, don't want to waste US$300 on eBay which merely benefits the seller but not the companies, I say go find your opponent and get an electronic copy of the rules even though you did not buy BRT.

If you want to support the hobby and it's companies, nothing keeps you from buying other products from them. Maybe two or three boxes instead of one which will bring immediate benefit to the publishers - and which you could sell later for the same price as you bought it on eBay when it has gone out of print. Or if your conscience is really burdened by using an electronic copy of something you did not buy in the given context, nothing prevents you from donating them a cheque. I reckon that would put you even in rather high esteem with the publishers despite you did not purchase a copy but used an electronic copy.

Live and let live.

von Marwitz


Aug 25, 2012
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Just received Hollow Legions 3rd edition, and I was wondering if a new version of ASL Journal bundle (and same question for the ASL Annual bundle) was planned with the newly updated scenarios (for example scenario J81 Twisted Knickers was updated and renamed as scenario 271 in HL 3rd ed since the release of the bundle)?


Oct 21, 2020
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I’d like to buy Out of the Bunker if it was available as a PDF? I missed out on the chance when it was in print and was substantially outbid on eBay when it was available for auction.