ASL Gaming May 24-26 In Olympia, Washington


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Jan 29, 2003
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Seattle, Washington,
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Enfilade ASL events - May 24, 25 and 26. Gaming will “officially” start at noon on Friday. Enfilade is a
LARGE game convention featuring Historical miniatures play. But there is also a
nice-sized Advanced Squad Leader event. This year, there are THREE ASL events
to choose from!

Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) and Advanced Squad Leader StarterKit (ASLSK).

1) There will be an Advanced Squad Leader tournament. Play will begin on Fridayafternoon and continue to Sunday at about noon. Up to 16 players mayparticipate. Winner will be determined by win / loss record and points scoredbased on the quality of your opponents. This year players will choose thescenario to play from a group of three scenarios provided for each round. Thecompetitive Tournament will be run by Mike Patrick.
2) There will be “open play” all weekend for Advanced Squad Leaders. This will befriendly gaming. Any scenario, any size game. The emphasis here will be casual,fun play. Select a monster scenario and gather teams to play, or sit downone-on-one to enjoy a favorite scenario.
3) There will be “Learn to play Advanced Squad Leader” sessions available all weekend. Anyone is welcome. You might already play Advanced Squad Leader (and youwant to learn how to use OBA, or Aircraft, or vehicles), or you might have onlyseen the ASL Starter Kit. Or, you may just want to play your first game of ASLor ASL Starter Kit. Come by and ask for Sam Belcher. He’ll be available allweekend and will be happy to teach or play.

See you in a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to it.

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