ASL-128 "The Defense Of Luga". (John Knowles vs Robin Chung)


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Mar 3, 2005
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Taipei, Taiwan
ASL-128 “The Defense Of Luga”

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Last Tuesday, Robin and I finished our VASL game of ASL-128 “The Defense Of Luga”. This was originally a (rather good) Cross of Iron scenario, which has translated quite well into ASL. The scenario depicts a large combined arms assault across 4 boards (1, 3, 4, and 5) to an urban center where city fighting results. The Russians attack with 41 (5x 628, 24x 447, 12x 426) squads, 4 leaders, 7 SWs, and 12 AFVs (3x T-40 3x T-26 M37, 2x BT-7 M37, 2x T-28E M40, T-34 M40, KV-2). The Germans defend with 13 (467) squads, 6 leaders, 8 SWs, and 6 crewed guns (2x PaK 35/36, 2x Pak 38, 2cm FlaK 38, 3.7cm FlaK 36). All German units may set up HIP, and because all Russians enter from off-board, eligible SWs and guns may Bore Sight (C6.4). The Russians win at the end of 13 full turns by controlling 16+ stone buildings.

The Russians have overwhelming numbers in infantry, but have to cross a lot of ground to even make it to board 1, where the majority of the stone buildings are. The Germans enjoy superior leadership and better SWs, which offers them a big advantage at long ranges. The Russian AFVs are a mixed bunch. The T-40 and BT-7 M37 tanks have thin armor, and are vulnerable to all German guns (especially when weighing in the ROF 3), so they should look to dash from cover to cover, not stopping in LOS of German guns. The T-26 M37 has slightly better armor, which should stand up to the 20L at ranges beyond 6, but the rest of the guns need to be avoided in order to survive. The T-28E M40 is ideal for supporting the infantry assault on board 1, especially with its smoke (one of the few Russian tanks to have) and its ability to survive vs all but the 50L guns. The T-34 M40 and KV-2 also have powerful guns, and similar to the T-28E M40 can survive against the smaller German gun, but won’t last vs the 50L (although getting the KV-2 Hull Down will help a lot). Even when the German guns lack the punch to take out the larger Russian tanks, there is always the threat of Deliberate Immobilization (C5.7) at ranges under 7. Only the KV-2 has a radio, so this further complicates Russian coordination. We played this scenario with Russian balance in effect (adds a 10-0 leader to the Russian OoB).

I set up with virtually all Germans in board 1 except for 4 guns that formed an AFV kill zone on board 5, and 2 teams of 2 squads and a 9-1 leader. It was their task to kindle a fire on the board 5 forest road in order to prevent the fast Russian tanks (I’m especially thinking of the BT-7 M37) from getting behind my defense and causing all sorts of mischief. MG nests (1 HMG, 1 MMG) were placed at level 2, and the remaining 2 guns helped protect the city.


On turn 1, the Russians enter most of the infantry along board 4. One Russian infantry stack enters onto a level 2 hex and finds out that for now, that is a no go-zone. Even though my HMG is reduced to 1 FP at 32 hexes, the -4 DRM for leader/FFNAM/FFMO and ROF 3 are quite decisive !!! Meanwhile, in my turn both teams successfully kindle flames.

On turn 2, the Russians continue to move forward, and the BT-7 M37 platoon boldly halts right in the center of the map. In turn 3, the KV-2 moves in to silence the guns, but it hull is penetrated by a 50L round, which burns the KV-2. Meanwhile, the forest fire erupts as the arson teams move back to board 1.

On turn 4, Robin decides that it might be better to keep the surviving AFVs away from the guns, and wait for the infantry to catch up. The T-28E M0 platoon moves safely into positions to smoke the German MG nests, which forces them to the ground. By the end of turn 5, the Russians control all stone buildings not on board 1 (a total of 6).

On turn 6, Robin starts to enter boards 5 and 1, and my infantry fire suffers some flutters. My guns do little better, and both AA guns malfunction, which puts my AT guns under more infantry pressure, as I was anticipating some cover from the AA guns. Robin commits his tanks on turn 7, but the T-40 platoon loses 2 tanks in the board 5 kill zone, and the T-26 M37 platoon loses a vehicle to a hidden 37L on board 1. After 7 turns, in spite of his tank losses, the Russian infantry are starting to get breaks on my squads, and the Germans are getting more than they can handle in the city fight !!!

On turn 8, the Russian infantry on board 5 overwhelm my guns, and I lose a few squads on board 1. One consolation is that I eliminate a T-28E M40 in CC, another T-26 M37 is knocked out by the 37L gun (now crewed by a 467 squad, since it’s original crew died on a 12 MC), and the T-34 parks right next to my last HIP AT gun, which puts a 50L shot through its rear hull at point blank range. The remaining infantry pull back to the large (1X4) stone building and look to establish a fortress. The Russians only need 10 stone buildings on board 1, so I can’t fall back too far. By the end of 9 turns (4 to go), the Russians have a total of 10 stone buildings (and can walk straight into an 11th).

On turns 10 and 11, the Russians put most of their energy into storming the 1X4 building, but the Germans hold on for now. The infantry that overcame the board 5 guns now push into board 1, but their gains are modest. With 2 turns to go, the Russians need 5 more stone buildings. It really is anyone’s game !!!

On turn 12, the Russians push hard and try to bypass the German strong-points, but my fields of residual fire keeps the Russians at bay, breaking a number of squads. The 1X4 fortress survives for another turn, and continues to make life slow and difficult for the Russians. On turn 13, seeing that the Germans have successfully blocked the stairwells of 1X4 (making it’s capture virtually impossible), the remaining Russians swarm south, as fast as they can manage. Both surviving tanks (a T-40 and a T-28E M40) fail their Non-platoon Move TC (D1.23) DRs and sit motionless, its all up to the infantry now. But the German FP keeps them in check, and the Russians can only manage 2 more stone buildings in their last MPh, and with no further stone building prospects, Robin has to call it quits.


A real epic scenario that came down to the wire. These are the ones that you remember !!!!