Arracourt 44- Gen Electric vs. Yukonjack


Apr 14, 2004
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Arracourt 44-Gen Electric vs. YukonJack
A town too far. Submitted by Gen Electric
Turn 1
I opened as the German player. I moved most of the 113th panzer brigade up the road toward Lezey.
The 2/2113 pzG regiment was moved toward Bures. The 113th attacked the 2/704 td battalion pushing him back to Lezey.
I was able to advance 2 units up the road to the outskirts of Lezey and dug everyone in.
Turn 2
The American moved his forces but I wasn't attacked. This is good because the 2113/113 Pz is reorganizing.
I moved most of the 111th Pz brigade north and west to Hampont. I'm going to try to attack south and take Arracourt by the end of the game.
I also moved the 113 AT/AA brigade to just outside Lezey and stacked them with 113 recon and 1/130 Pz.
The 2111/111 Pz, 111 recon; and 1/2111 moved into Bures. I dig in and await the attacks I know are coming.
Turn 3.
A Cav unit tried to move in thru the south. I moved the 2113/113 Pz down and did a limit loss attack.
After a 3% loss for him and retreat I attacked again. We both suffered minor losses but I just want to
back him off. Up north an armor unit blocks the road south of Hampont. Four units of the 111th Pz brigade attacked and
drove him back with 2 units advancing as my turn ended.
Turn 4
He drove north and cut off my units near Moyenvic. Time to throw caution to the wind, these units advanced south
and halted southwest of Moyenvic. I moved the 1/16 of the 111th just south of Lezey and attacked with the 113th units outside of Lezey.
This attack was thrown back with my units suffering a small loss, double the % of his.
I moved the 2113 Pz north to the gap in my lines and dug everyone in.
Turn 5
Units of the 111 Pz near Arracourt were attacked and forced to retreat south. They are cut off and almost surrounded.
The 111th Stug brigade held but when I tried to move them and rejoin they were engaged and couldn't withdraw.
It doesn't look good for these units. My only hope now is that they siphon and keep enough enemy units busy so I can hold elsewhere. They also attacked out of Lezey and drove the 1/2113 back, but in doing so left
Lezey open. I moved units of the 113th into town and dug in. The Amer. cav unit is trying to sneak into Moussey so I moved 113 HQ there and dug them in. With the scenario being close to the end I'll try to hang on.
Turn 6
Disaster was averted when the 111 Pz units which were under heavy attack, retreated toward my lines.
I was able to withdraw them back into my lines.This was badly needed because they were almost out of supplies.
Elsewhere he was able to attack and push my units out of Lezey.I recombined several units and dug everyone in.
I must hold till my forces are strong enough to attack. I may find that hard to do.
Most of my main units are below 50% strength. The Luftwaffe is no where to be found. Allied support and resupply may be the deciding factor.
Turn 7
It does not look good. I was attacked and driven back near Moncourt and out of Bures.
My units are weakened and some are badly in need of supply. Plus his cav unit is trying to cut supply routes.
I have to pull a unit out to chase him down. I recombined 2 units and dug in those I could.
5 units have chosen to reorganize also, I will shoot the officer who ordered that.
Turn 8
I was attacked and driven back all along the front. It looks like alles ist kaput.
I sent the 111 recon back to try to keep the supply lines open. I've pulled units back, but with low supply and strength I wont be able to hold.
It looks like a major defeat but I'll try to sneak a couple of units thru to snatch vp's at the end.
Turn 9
I retreated all I could but for all purposes this game is over. He attacked, most units are routed and the game ends; a total defeat for me. :(
Afterthoughts- My first human battle, didn't turn out too good for me. Faulty intelligence, I misread the scenario length
and thought it was a 6 turn game. Based my plans on that and got pounded. Splitting my forces AND not attacking elsewhere was a mistake.
Not paying attention to my supply (how much and routes) till too late, was another. Overall, a good game and learning experience for me. Gen Electric