Anyone with Corono time to help with game design of a big hill assault

Mar 21, 2015
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With more free time nowadays one thing for keeping your mind going is to do something with it.

Thus the idea.

One with a good grasp of how a game will develop people with statistics backgrounds or who
play a variety of games would be ideal.

If anyone has an interest in doing a pretty involved map ( luckily I have a template) of a big hill feature with needed :

brush, woods, ravine type features.

Due to the overlays this quickly covers the hills levels so some level of transparency would be a great feature. (or any other idea) This also need "filling in" as overlays inevitably cause "on map" issues. I am pretty sure someone might like to help with this jigsaw.

Because this is at the early stages (though I am going to run it through with what I have now)
it would be good to give the whole project idea to say 3-6 interested parties and we can bit by bit fine tune it.

Initially it was going to be a frontal assault but that turned out to be not in keeping with events. So now it will be divided into the Cherkasskoyo (town battle) and the hill capture ( the main battle). Both happen at the same time however.

The game will have a day and night component. I decided that the game would really "light up" with as much unknown as possible. ( No NO MOVE would be in this game). The battle eventually
brought in GD and 11th Panzer into a 2 day slugfest that involved counter attacks etc.

The last part of the game is to decide on priorities that can only be realized after a few play tests.


Game over viewers
Artistic type
3-6 game testers ( 6 maybe too many)

I hope it turns out to be the sickest game you ever played.


Thank you.