Anyone ever consider making a scenario for Operation Kingfisher?


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Feb 26, 2010
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The 1st Australian Paras were earmarked for a combat drop to rescue the POWs on Borneo, but were never used (perhaps due to MacArthur's staff never releasing enough transports for the mission).

If the operation had gone off, the plan was to land 2 companies, one at each airstrip by airdrop, and a third company to be landed by assault boats after the POW camps were seized. Japanese resistance in the area was around 300 officers and men of conscript quality, with a small detachment of Special Police, due to the interception that an intelligence network may have been active in the POW camps.

Perhaps an airdrop onto two board 14's, with a jungle board off to the south edge of those, replete with beach, sand and an effluent overlay should cover the basic major features. Dense jungle in play. The POWs are of course (1)-0-6's. the IJA forces would be 3-3-6s and a single squad of 3-4-7 to represent the Kempetai security detachment. IJA leaders would be in the range of 6+1 to 8+1.

My question would be what squad type would be useful for the Aussie paras? 6-4-8s or 4-5-8s or a mixture of both? Does anyone know of solid T./O information on this unit for their dedicated inherent SWs?

Just some thoughts. I cannot recall a "POW" rescue scenario in ASL yet, but there might be one from Babelyuan or from the run that occurred out of 12th Army Group into the Ruhr in early 1945 I am not recalling.

In any event, I know there are no scenarios for the Aussie paras. They might be cool to try and model in ASL.

KRL, jon H