Any SHooter Game for Xbox 360 {CFK Clan} recruitment

CFK Leader

Oct 21, 2008
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Hi I'm wondering weather you guys are interested in joining a clan called CFK (Crazy For Kills). We love to play hard and are a determined clan. We like to win, but even if we lose, we show great sportsmanship. If you guys are interested in joining a xbox 360 clan for any shooter game, then join here because we love to play hard and love to win. We allow any type of players, as long as you guys abide by the rules. There aren';t that much rules, just a few. I made this clan a day ago and am trying to spread the word to recruit. There are no tests to get in. Our major game is Halo 3 and the second one is Call of Duty 4. But you can still rep the clan in any other xbox shooter games!
If you are interested in joining then contact me at my gamertag-slaygamer102.