Announcing the NY State 2020 Virtual ASLSK Championship


Jul 3, 2015
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Easton, MA
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General: The 2nd Annual ASLSK Championship is a leisurely competition held between players. It is held as a part of the broader 17th Annual NY State ASL Championship which is for Full ASL.

For those so inclined:

This year, as a departure from the norm we will be using VASL and Skype.* It will be held in a number of rounds (more of that below).

Timetable & Information:

Announcement: 18 October 2020

Registration: Closes on 15 November. There is a Registration Form to be filled out and is at the end of this announcement.

Parameters of the vASLSK Tournament:

Completion of Round 1: 29 November

Completion of Round 2: 4 December

Completion of Round 3: 1PM EST 5 December

Completion of Round 4: 8PM EST 5 December

Completion of Round 5: If Needed - 6 December

Cost: $5.** See below.

Questions: Please address all tournament, rules or scenario questions and/or the Registration Form to:
Mitch Abrams
If there are any changes/updates I will contact all participants and post such information to the appropriate boards/groups.

Round 1:
A Ridge Too Far - S17 MMP Site
Enter the Young - S51 Expansion Pack #1
Hammer to the Teeth - S15 Starter Kit #2

Round 2:
Stovepipe Funeral - S69 Starter Kit #4 (US Balance)
Hetzer Hunters - RPT#15 Rally Point #2
Baking Bread - S18 MMP Site

Round 3:
Clearing Colleville - S5 Starter Kit #1
Purple Heart Lane - S19 MMP Site
Clash at Borisovka - S21 Starter Kit #3 (Russian Balance)

Round 4:
Take it Back - S65 Starter Kit #4
Prelude to Festung Brest - S7 MMP Site
Use Your Tanks and Shove - S39 Special Ops #2

Round 5: Optional and Only if Needed: TBD

I will match winning players against winning players & losing players against losing players on a first come first serve basis. As soon as I have two players available and in the respective categories I will contact the two players via email. I will assign attacker/defender according to your choices when possible. This also allows the defender some time to consider a defense.

I really don't care when the initial matches are held.
Theoretically, a person could play four games by 29 November if they are so inclined and there are opponents willing and able to play.

If there is an odd number of players I will have queued up a non- participating SK player as a stand-in. No, I am not in the tournament.

The above timetable gives players enough time to feel comfortable with the VASL engine as well as have meaningful games.

Please note that by mutual consent of the two players ANY scenario can be played in place of those shown in each round. The listed scenarios are not put in as a prohibition against players wanting to change it up a bit. We’re good with that.

We are striving for a fun and challenging environment - but FUN! It does not matter what level you are currently at. Each round has challenge and scope for any level of player. Most of the scenarios are currently available or have been available for some time. We have chosen many from the MMP site for download so no one should feel that they are at any disadvantage and no round has two scenarios from any single module.

Players can exclude any one scenario from any round so they only need to choose a first and second choice and an exclude choice on the Registration Form.

This is a “tournament” geared for both novice players as well as veterans. After all, we are all trying to improve our knowledge of the game. The only wrinkle in this is a time zone issue that could be experienced. To ensure it is manageable I have limited this to North and South America only.

At the end of each game please forward who was victorious and what scenario you played (although I will probably know - it’s good to be on the same page).

All times used will be Eastern Standard Time.

*. - Players are free to use Discord or some other means of communication (like smoke signals) as long as they both agree.

** - The $5 fee can be sent to:
Joe Leoce 39 Ashton Drive Staten Island NY 10312 or via Paypal to the above email address and indicate “friends and family” on your payment when using Paypal so no fees are deducted please.

*** - if you do not have a checking account and only a Venmo account, and would like to participate please email me for further details.

Registration Form:
2nd Annual NY State vASLSK 2020 Tournament

Name: ____

Email Address: _

Scenario Choices:


Round 1: A or D

A Ridge Too Far - S17 ____ ____

Enter the Young - S51 ____ ____

Hammer to the Teeth - S15________ ____

Round 2:

Stovepipe Funeral - S69 - _ ____

Hetzer Hunters - RPT17. _ ____

Baking Bread - S18 _ ____

Round 3:

Clearing Colleville - S5 __ ____

Purple Heart Lane - S19 _ ____

Clash at Borisovka - S2 __ ____

Round 4:

Take it Back - S65 __ ____

Prelude to Festung Brest - S7 __ ____

Use Your Tanks and Shove - S39______ ____

Phone: This is ONLY in the event I can’t contact you via email.
It is not marketed to ANYONE. I will destroy it at the conclusion
of the tournament if you want. ___

A or D refers to Attacker or Defender - Please state your preference and I will try to accommodate.