American Civil War Shiloh AAR: Forrest Fights!


Jun 15, 2010
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American Civil War Shiloh AAR: Forrest Fights!

Originally to be posted on: Blunt Force Gamer Wargaming blog

This is an early treat to the AAR DEPOT visitors as I have not posted this on my wargaming blog yet. Enjoy!

(What If) Nathan Bedford Forrest drives with his cavalry to scout the area south of Nashville.
Forrest Fights; April 1, 1862
25 turns, Human Confederate, AI is playing Union

Ok this was my first game of a John Tiller Civil War title other than a starter scenario I had played. At first I thought this scenario would be a laugher. 25 turns, I have all these guys AND I get to pick the ground to fight on? No problem I said to myself. I was wrong. I have never seen so much action take place in the final 8 turns of a game in my life. True to the Civil War the entire start of the scenario was maneuver and marching followed by turns of bloody conflict. As such this AAR will be starting late in the game when the action picks up.