Albany AAR - part 3, FrF88 and BFP 114

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    Round 5 Panzer Shield FrF88 vs Michael Rodgers
    Always good to see Michael and his wife Diane. We picked this unusual scenario, both bidding G0 with me winning the side. Four Pz3 with an 88L AA and 3 237's, reinforced by a Pz4 and two Pz2's defend against 13 447's protected by 3 MOL projectors, a 50 Mtr, four 45L AC's and two towed 45L ATG's. The key is that the russins can start as far forward as concealment hexes numbered 6 on board 33, but must be 4 or more hexes from a german unit. By the germans setting up across the board as far forward as possible this pushes the Russian infantry back into the large wheatfield. Two hexes of the central orchard can have infantry but since there aren't three contiguous hexes there there is no chance of a first turn human wave from the orchard. Both players need to be very cagey in this one. The Pz3's are very vulnerable to the 45L ATG's and 45L AC's, while the AC's and ATG tractors are also very vulnerable. Meanwhile the tank MG's can keep the infantry honest and limited.
    Michael did a good human wave with his infantry through the grain that overran two of my 237's and the 8-0. However I scored a lucky 4 TH on a tractor to burn it while it was still towing an ATG and also burned one AC in RT1. In German T1 my 88 burned a second AC and a tank killed a third while also burning the 2nd tractor in the unloaded ATG's hex. Also my tanks were wailing on Michael's infantry with about half broken or dead. Michael threw in the towel at that point before the entire russian force got swollen up in blazes in the grain! :waiting: I had some key rolls which put Michael well behind the 8 ball. I think the russian has to walk a fine line of aggression and patience in this scenario. The pushed ATG's and AC's need to protect the infantry and allow a slow rolling blob of russians to move carefully forward. The germans are spread thin and a few losses will cripple them. 4-1 tournament

    Round 6 BFP 114 Engineering a Defeat vs Brian Wiersma
    We picked this infantry-only scenario for our Sunday game. 20 german elite and 1st line infantry with two FT's and three MMG attack 11.5 1st/G squads with 6 reinforcing squads. I bid P0 and Brian wanted to attack so he bid G1. I upgraded the 7-1 to a 9-1. The key terrain in this 7 turn scenario are the stone buildings on either side of the central road. If the Poles can hold the germans up a couple turns then they likely will be able to slip their reinforcements into the VC buildings. I put the two polish MMG on my left and my HIP 9-1 HMG/457 there too. GT1 and GT2 Brian couldn't make it into the key buildings, losing three squads to K/ results and casualty MC's. My fires were a bit lucky, but Brian's MC rolls were horrible. GT3 a berserk, wounded 7-0 broke into one building and Brian's elite troops finally broke into the other. However by GT4 I had fallen back into the VC area with three squads still manning the polish MG's on the German left and had only lost one squad. By the time the Polish reinforcements were entering, Brian threw it in. 5-1 Eng a defeat GT3.jpg

    A few rules learnings/research questions:
    A19 - When an underlined morale squad rolls a 12 and also fails its ELR, is the HS disrupted? yes
    A4.44 - Can an SMC recover a SW from a berserk unit? No, just a broken one
    A10.8 Can a fanatic fail ELR on a MC and be replaced? Yes
    A23.6 can a berserker throw a DC? Yes
    A11.14 Can a berserk SMC defend in CC with a GO squad? I think so

    Thanks again to my most excellent opponents and to Steve and Joe for running the world's best tournament!

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    Relatively certain the answer here is No. There was just a thread on this in the rules section a month or two ago, and back in ASLRBv1, this was one of the first official Q&A, that the underlined moral squad is replaced by two hs and then one of the hs is CRed.

    EDIT: I forgot to say the most important thing: THANK YOU FOR YOUR AARS. They are great reads and, for me, as much fun as going to a tourney.
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    Good stuff Paul. I agree A19.13 is poorly written, but unlike Brian I believe it does intimate that the remaining HS is both broken & disrupted, [EXC: A squad with an underscored Morale Factor is Replaced by its two broken HS (even if its ELR has dropped below 5); a HS with an underscored Morale Factor is Disrupted instead unless exempt per 19.12...]. Simply because the 1st condition was met does not preclude the 2nd condition from being implemented as well (JMHO).
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    A10.8 Can a fanatic fail ELR on a MC and be replaced? Yes

    True on this but what people forget sometimes is that Fanatics never disrupt. A key defense with conscripts in factories in RB.
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