Air Unit Strategy


May 1, 2003
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I felt taking and making it into a separate thread would be good.

plutonico said:
other question: air units. May be that if we want to save the units moving them to the east and northeast we cant be able to stop axis reforces that are moving by train. when i played as Axis the soviet interdiction stoped some units for some turns. what about this?
My first thoughts were to move my air units to the south-east and east. But since I plan to go with the northern deployment TO, I'm going to move as much of my air assests as possible to the north-west.

On turn 2 (remember ... you are NOT allowed to touch your air units on turn 1 ... I'll remind the Germans of that too!), with any air units that aren't in re-org, I'll ---

1. Start consolidating them to the North-West
2. Place all fighters and fighter-bombers on air superiority
3. Place a few bombers on combat support
4. Place the rest of my bombers on interdiction.

I'll then conduct airfield attacks with the bombers that are on combat support. My targeting priority will be:

1. Enemy air units that are not placed with a ground unit.
2. Enemy air units that are closest to the majority of my fighters.
3. Enemy air fields that have the greatest number of air units.

I'll continue to use this strategy until I gain air superiority. I will NOT use my bombers or other air assets for combat support of ground units until air superiority is achieved. Also, I will NOT blow any bridges. The bridge blowing percentages are too low, the enemy fighters too numerous, and the enemy repair capability too strong.

My thoughts!