AI Scripting Contest


Jul 21, 2008
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Costa Rica
Announcing a new contest:

The AI Strikes Back!

We would like as many people as possible to try their hand at writing AI scripts for the JTS/HPS pre-WWI games. To encourage this, JTS will award one of their recent downloadable titles (on a lottery basis) to one new AI script for a historical scenario turned in from now until the end of July 2013.

The game will be awarded based on the Dow Jones numbers for August 1, 2013, (using the last numbers as a random number calculator).

To encourage the use of the random script feature in the software, a scenario that offers 5 different scripts for the AI to chose from, will count as 5 scripts turned in.

Send your new scenario (remember it must be historic, not a what-if) to me at to be checked and numbered for the drawing. We especially encourage scenarios that add AI to previous historic scenarios that were released without AI scripts , or that perhaps did not have a very interesting script. Label your new scenarios as follows:

Game Title (omit "campaign"" ), Scenario Name, Historic Solo,Random (if more than 1 script), Play As, Your Name as in the following example:

Peninsula 7 Pines Historic Solo Random Play US George Bisset

Include a brief description of how many scripts and any other necessary info in your email.

Visit my website,, for suggestions of how to make interesting AI scripts. I also invite any suggestions you have to do the same, and I can add those to the site.

All scenarios will be checked to see that the scripts function, and are different from those already existing for that scenario.

The scripts will then be uploaded to the SDC lists for everyone to enjoy.

If youve never done a script, try one. I just did one for 7 Pines in one hour that kept me playing for a week!

George Bisset