AAR - With Profound Regret = CtR-3

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Apr 27, 2018
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I stopped my binge watching of every Full House episode long enough to get in a game with Rockford. He wanted to play With Profound Regret a couple weeks ago, but I told him it looked like it was very pro-American. But, since I am working on being kinder, gentler, and nicer to small animals and 16 year old girls, I told him I would play it, as either side. He still wanted to take the Japanese.

The Americans/ Filipinos set up on one side of the board 40 river. They have a bunch of fortifications and some pretty good SWs. Two squads get to set up HIP. The Japanese set up on the same side of the river, with a dozen squads and three tanks. One of these is a captured M3.

It had no radio. Rockford said they had pulled it out so they could sell it back to us after the war.

Japanese must earn CVPs and also get 20 EVPs. Restricted terrain, with only 3 hexes north of the river on the west edge.

Besides time and fortifications being on the American side, CtR SSRs let me conceal everyone in concealment terrain and bore sight the .50 cal.

I had nothing up front. Avoiding one big and two light mortars were part of the reason. Two HIP 447s covered open ground around where he would be coming on turn 2. My first line of defense was positions with wire, a MMG/ crew, the .50 cal. with a 9-1 and 458, light mortar/ HS, a squad and a crew.

Turn 1, not much happens, aside from me stripping some Japanese concealment. I am not allowed to set up fortifications in the westernmost two hexrows, but nothing said I couldn't make some. So I put the Filipino 337s to work digging foxholes.

Miquel, Carlos and Ramon - The Last Line of Defense

J2, a HIP U.S. 447 gets a NMC on the 10-0, who promptly haris his kari with a 12 and dies. The tanks move up next to some of my units.

My one Ambush 447 breaks. My mortar HS breaks. My 9-1 rolls a 12 on a 1MC and dies. His 458 squad rolls an 11 and breaks and ELRs. LLMC eliminates both HSs. So two of my key weapons are now unpossessed. My mortar had gotten a couple hits, but only striped one squad. My .50 cal had never gotten rate, and did nothing.

I do the Concealment Shuffle.

The Concealment Shuffle

If the enemy, he is pressin'
Here's what you do to keep 'im guessin'
Assault move up and back and side
Make him wonder while you still hide
You can win if you do that
The Concealment Shuffle is where it's at!

Irving Berlin

I put a concealed 458 in the .50 cal foxhole, (adjacent to the M3) and dummies in the mortar hex. I don't try for recovery. Concealment is my friend!

Or used to be. Japanese Prep strips concealment and pins the 458.

Rockford decides that the time is right to push forward. Wire is screwing up three of his squads on my left. The other HIP 447 pops up and KIAs a squad. The tanks start up in order to move as one big platoon.

Or most of them start up. The captured M3 has red MPs. Which only matters if you roll a 12 on your start roll. Which Rockford did. And immobilized the tank.

Fun Fact - Continuing issues with the reliability of captured American-made vehicles is what directly led to the Japanese development of the Honda Odyssey minivan!

The remaining two tanks move into the palm trees to strip my concealment and do an overrun. My crew survives the overrun, and then rolls eyes against a Motion tank to immobilize it. Only snakes could give me a result.

A monster Banzai charge then starts!

My desperate firing, including a very bad FPF shot, do nothing directly. But a sniper generated takes out the 9-0 leader, and snake eyes takes out a squad running through my MMG's fire lane.

A word about my sniper. My SAN was a 4, so I wasn't expecting much action. But Rockford must have rolled 20 4s during the game. I was actually way below average for getting results out of them.

I am actually way below average in many things.

My formerly HIP 447 breaks and dies for failure to rout, as do my 447 and crew that were Banzai'ed.

I give up my concealment with a 458 to try to pick up the .50 cal. I roll a 6. Another 458 fires at two adjacent Japanese squads, for no effect. I boldly charge with a DC-totin' 248 to ruin their day. A K result ruins my day.

J4, a Fanatic HS picks up the DC. The only mobile Japanese tank tries for non-platoon movement so he can overrun the HS, and fails his check badly. The one remaining Japanese leader, a 9-1, Banzais with two squads against a 458.


A shot in open ground kills the 9-1.

My Fanatic HS throws the DC over the hedge, where it reduces two striped squads. I heroically pass the 2MC on myself. Lots of really low rolls from Rockford in Advancing Fire are matched by lots of really low MC rolls by me. Two 458s are Pinned, but nobody breaks. Hand to Hand CCs break out everywhere!!!

I lose the Fanatics and a 458, but eyes takes out one of his 447s and gives me an 8-0. The Fanatics took out a HS before they were stabbed.

Rockford concedes. I still have three defense lines he has to go through, with 5 squads, a crew, and a MMG manning them. I still have a MMG crew and a 458 further forward. Several of his units are too far away to possibly make it off, including one squad who is still stuck on the wire. If all of my troops disappeared, he would still have maybe 12 points that could exit. I had two hexes with 1 AT mine in each directly in front of his tank, so there was a possibility that he might not even get that off.

This pretty much went as predicted. My .50 cal was a disappointment, but immobilizing his tanks balanced that out. (I'll take credit for the red MPs!) It was a fun game, but way unbalanced. Adding a turn might help.

0-5 on ROAR.