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Major Issues

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Apr 27, 2018
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I was working on writing dirty ASL limericks when Jim called and said he wanted to play. I stopped trying to find words that rhymed with 'Perry' long enough to get in a game with him.

I had played this before, as the Germans. In that game, Rockford pulled two red cards in a row for his OBA (where's the Pleva rule when you need it???), and a platoon that tried sewer movement got lost, and eventually emerged underneath enough Germans to totally ruin their day. As if sloshing through the sewer hadn't already done that.

I was the Soviets this time. I set up most of my guys to go after factory S38. There were only two stacks in it. I had the 9-2 and three squads assault move and get near the O36 factory to start blasting.

My creeping towards the S38 factory went well. Until a MMG squad opened up and broke 3 628s. A DC-toting crew broke. But the Soviet sniper wings his 8-1.

In an epic moment of stupidity, I advanced the 9-2 stack as a stack, right into a minefield. The 9-2 and two squads broke.

G1, I lose one of the broken squads in the minefield. The remaining O36 assault squad goes Berserk.

R2, my 9-2 murders a broken Russian HS, because he didn't like their attitude. It's a Soviet thing. You wouldn't understand. I pull a red card for my OBA. I am feeling Rockford's pain at this point. But my FT rolls a 3, and wounds his 9-1, so it's not all bad.

Millions of Russians move into the S38 factory, to make life miserable for Jim's wounded 9-1 and MMG squad. They were the only real units in the factory. A couple of my guys break, but his troops are crushed.

Meanwhile, I was able to get another squad over to reinforce the Berserk 1 hex charge. We trade squads in CC.

G2, I get a black card for my OBA, and, although it's off, I can see the hex. Oh, yes...

German fire breaks a couple guys, but my flamethrower rolls another 3, and eliminates a mortar crew and a HS. Everyone left in the hex breaks, which includes his wounded 8-1.

R3, I unleash Hell in the form of 120mm OBA. My adjustment is off, but it lands in a great spot, where it can affect 5 German-occupied hexes. I break people in 3 of them, though one squad passes and creates a hero. With his troops having to fire out of a FFE, I turn the corner and have Heroes Of The Soviet Union set to move behind and adjacent to the O36 factory.

G3, most of his troops at one end of the factory have routed away, or will move away this turn. FFE2 takes out his 6+1. My FT makes up for his run of 3s by rolling an 11.

R4, I pull another black card, and put a new SR on the other end of the factory. With half the O36 factory empty, my troops charge forward, taking four of the Fortified hexes. I lose a squad and a half to his hero/ 447, but I do get a squad and 7-0 into the far back corner of the factory. Jim concedes. I have the S38 factory, half of his remaining squads are broken and DMed, and I can call OBA down on most of the remaining squads in the upcoming turn.

"Where are our Stukas???"

In discussions after the last playing, several people thought that this was pro-Russian if the OBA came into play. That was certainly the case in this playing. Back to back 3s with the FT and both good German leaders wounding early also helped the Russian cause.