AAR - Silencing Sinzig - DB129

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Apr 27, 2018
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After I got away from the angry villagers carrying burning torches (long story), I got in a game with Walt. I had been wanting to play Silencing Sinzig. Walt had the Germans, I was attacking with the Americans.

March 1945. Germans have to defend a bridge, mostly with old men and boys. A hill across the river has a HMG and 81 MTR on it. The ‘Muricans get a bunch of Jeeps, HTs, and tanks. All infantry enter as passengers, and vehicles have only half MPs on turn 1.

This has ‘gamey’ set up restrictions on the German fortifications. The roadblock, wire and mines can’t be set in front of the bridge to actually block it. Walt did the best he could, with the roadblock tied in to wire and AT mines to make a barrier on one flank.

My halftracks moved near the riverbank. I wanted to make a firegroup with them to engage the HMG and mortar. Two Jeeps unloaded the 60mm mortars and HSs. The other Jeeps and tanks went as far as they could while staying out of PF range.

Walt’s mortar immobilized a HT, his HMG did nothing. My Advancing Fire broke the mortar crew.

A2, I abandoned the Jeeps, taking the MGs with me. One was a .50 cal, so I had the 9-1 in that Jeep to help move it. But a sniper wounded him, so he was no help carrying anything. But, he still did his part...


Knocked out the HMG crew with a light mortar. I broke a couple German squads.

I lose a Sherman to a PSK, and a M5A1 gets immobilized by a mine. A conscript squad goes down in CC.

Walt finally has his crews back up to take back his heavy weapons. And then rolls a 6 on one recovery roll. I Smoke both hexes.

My remaining Sherman gets immobilized. My DC-totin’ 747 breaks trying to get close to the pillbox. I finally get the .50 cal set up to fire across the bridge. And roll a 12 on his first shot. Never, ever give such a valuable SW to a soldier named ‘Gomer’.

The Germans on the near shore are mostly broken and are being captured or eliminated for failure to rout. They had failed to get PFs almost every try. The pillbox continues to hold out. He still has some guys in foxholes on the far side of the bridge. I continue to keep smoke on the hill.

The ‘Muricans don’t have much infantry, and my 747 breaks – again. Time is running out!

Two HTs and a M5A1 plow through wire and AT mines to make it to the bridge. A shot from a tank breaks one of the defenders. The next turn, I overrun the last foxhole with two HTs. A lucky roll with one HT breaks the last defender on the far shore. Walt still has a squad in the pillbox, but I was about to jump him with several squads. The white flag goes up!

How well the Americans do may depend on their ability to neutralize the Hill People. Walt couldn’t get good rolls from them early, and they spent the rest of the game broken or in smoke.

The Germans can win if they cause 16 CVPs, but only personnel and crews count, so they would have to knock out a LOT of vehicles.

4-4 on ROAR.

Pic from the end of the game below.