AAR - Roses for Vandervoort - TAC47 - Redux

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Apr 27, 2018
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I have been busy searching for a new career, but I took some time off to play Walt. I have picked up a few job hunting tips that I thought I would share to keep you from making the same mistakes as me:

Don’t say, “If you don’t hire me, the terrorists win!!!”

It’s best not to discuss your obsession with Jodie Foster.

Don’t ask, “So, this background check – how extensive is it? Would they find out anything about Turkish prisons?”

Under ‘Achievement You Are Most Proud Of’, don’t write ‘Doubled workforce by extensive expansion of human trafficking.’

Under ‘Latest Meaningful Achievement’, don’t write ‘Instituted cage matches to resolve employee disputes.’

A couple weeks ago, I played Roses for Vandervoort against Xenovin. I had showed the scenario to Walt, as he was looking for Normandy scenarios, and I thought that he might want to play it against Bob. Instead, he decided that we should play it. He always wants to take the Alllies, so once again I was the Germans.

Small German infantry force with two 20mm flak guns and two old 75s are defending the village against paratroopers with two Shermans as reinforcements. There is a lot of bocage on the approaches to the village.

Lt. Col. Vandervoort

I used basically the same setup as I used against Xenovin. The 20L AAs and a squad and a half to cover them were upfront, the 75s were in victory buildings. I had the light mortar and HMG behind bocage on my left.

Walt had 2-1/2 squads coming down the right flank, where I had a 237 heroically defending the woods in front of a 20L. My shooting did nothing, but he broke me.

The rest of the paratroopers, including two dm’ed mortars, moved behind bocage on the left. He advanced several squads into open ground adjacent to a 447 on my left.

G1, even though I had an 8-0 and 2 squads adjacent to the 20L on the right, I elected to remain HIP. Time works against the Americans in this one, and I figured I could bottle him up another turn there.

The 447 on my left fired at the adjacent MMG squad. SNAKES!!! Squad dies, Walt's only MMG malfs! The 447 takes return fire, but passes a 2MC. Such a Hollywood moment!

A2, Prep breaks my 447, and infantry try to come into the hex of my left 20L, which is unfortunately facing the wrong way. On my right, his stack gets bounced back by the other 20L. Neither of my 20Ls are effective shooting. One crew gets broken, the other voluntarily breaks to keep from getting clobbered in CC. The 447 is taken prisoner.

G2, my 237 and one DM’ed crew both self rally. They both move into locations where they can be pests.

Mid-game, we aren’t hurting each other, but that works in my favor. A smoke screen convinces me to abandon two buildings before I can be overwhelmed. My crew on the right has rallied, and is trying hard to be annoying. For some of us, that’s pretty easy.

End game, my crews and HSs have delayed Walt enough that he still has no victory buildings. My 75s are still HIP. What would Lt. Col. Vandervoort do??? Walt charges with the tanks, and VBFs two squads. The infantry sprint forward, shouting “Urra!” (sorry – wrong front.) The 75s can’t kill the tanks, and my CCRF does nothing. In CC, the squad with the 9-1 finds an ATMM, but still can’t kill a tank. I lose the squad and 9-1; the other squad gets tied up in Melee. They go down in the German turn CCPh.

Last American turn, I need to hold three buildings, and all I have left are the 75s, one squad, and a crew. A Sherman VBFs my squad. One 75 Shocks a Sherman. The other 75 breaks. The lone 228 is firing pistols out of windows like it was a spaghetti western. He finally breaks due to FPF, but even that shot pins a leader and squad. Walt has to concede. He can’t get any infantry into the W3 victory building. A very tense and exciting game.

This played out differently than the game against Xenovin. That game was a bloodbath for the Americans. Walt didn’t lose many troops, but my stupid little crews and skirmishers delayed him at least two turns. With one more turn, or one more squad, Walt would have won.

Band Of Smothers Brothers

Pic of the end of the game is below. This is before rout and CC.



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I should try that VBF stuff. Oh wait I do and they turn into lighters against you! Glad you had more of a challenge in this game.