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Apr 27, 2018
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I have been busy searching for a new career, but I took some time off to play a game with Gunny. I have picked up a few job hunting tips that I thought I would share to keep you from making the same mistakes as me:

Don’t wear your foil helmet to your interview, even though it keeps the aliens from reading your mind.

Don’t give as a reference ‘my boarding school headmistress, Fraulein Helga Sternholtz.’

Under ‘Achievement You Are Most Proud Of’, don’t write ‘Instituted Casual Tuesday Thru Friday’.

Don’t refuse to answer all questions, while citing ‘Executive Privilege’.

Don’t give your name as ‘The Artist Formerly Known As Vince’.

Jim wanted to play Red Ruin Roulette, by our own Justiciar.


This is from the Kampfgruppe Scherer set. If you plan on playing any of these, decide in advance of game day. There are a lot of SSRs and rules that might apply, and you need time to review them. Jim missed those about the red ruins sniper, grenade bundles, and limited fire lanes. I missed the one about buildings being gutted. I also missed the SSR about the Russians being allowed to duck.

Jim took the heroic German defenders. I wuz the Red Menace. VCs are to control the prison, or Block 31. I thought it might be tough to take the prison in 5 turns, so I went after the block. I had one FG to prep in the center and a couple squads on my left to keep his forces from shifting over. A HS and a conscript squad were to be sent out as scouts on the right, as well as the three tanks. The remaining Russians were to charge boldly forward in two Human Waves. I decided not to trade in the 8-1 for a Commissar, as trigger-happy political zealots combined with conscripts have not been a good combo for me.

My one Prep Fire shot went well, and broke two squads. My scouts found the HIP MMG, 468 and 8-1 in LL30, but both were killed. The tanks lumbered forward adjacent to Germans. So things were looking good going into the Human Wave. I was looking at a couple defenders getting one shot each. I had enough MFs to be able to use the shellhole TEM in some of the hexes, so not every shot against me was going to be at -2.

Jim laid down a fire lane (one of two he was allowed), and my 11 squad Human Wave ground forward. What followed was Pickett’s Charge, with different colored uniforms, and slightly less Ken Burns. None of the 11 squads made it into their intended hexes, and my 9-1 wounded. But at least the MMG broke, cancelling the firelane.

My right flank HW was only slightly better. The Final Fired 8-1 and 468, with a broken MMG, decided to FPF, throwing one grenade after another out the windows. Repeat as needed. They FPFed FOUR TIMES, breaking three squads while remaining unfazed.


Another KGS SSR is that the Russians can Battle Harden a MMC or roll for leader creation upon successful completion of a Human Wave. My first HW was not successful, as no units made it to their targets. I could roll for a leader with the second, and got an 8-1.

Advancing fire was weak, but I did break a conscript squad. I was able to advance 2-1/2 squads into LL30 with the 8-1 and 468. With HtH, I needed a 9. I rolled a 10. Jim rolled snake eyes, killing all of my troops in the proper James Coburn manner, and created a 8-0.

So after half a turn, I had broken 3 German squads and eliminated three dummy stacks, while losing half my force.

G1, mortar fire broke two Soviet squads and Shocked a T-60. Another couple Soviet squads were broken by other fire.

R2, the Shock counter flipped. My weak assault was shot up. By the end of DF, I had lost a total of 27 CVPs. 27 blood-splattered points in 1-1/2 turns. 30 is an automatic German victory. I conceded. Jim should write a book on this. He could name it 'Fifty Shades Of Red'.

Jim said afterwards that he thought he was doomed when he saw I was going to do Human Waves, as he hadn’t considered the possibility.

I thought I was doomed when I saw all of the ‘3’s and ‘4’s he was rolling. I think it’s a good scenario, and my plan was at least adequate. It just wasn’t a good day for gambling at roulette.

This is even on ROAR.

Since Ken Burns has not seen fit to do a documentary on this scenario, I thought that I would jump in. The hot thing now is musicals. So I decided to write the 'Hamilton' of the Eastern Front. You're welcome!!!

Being a lazy, lazy man, I stole the tune from “Mame”:

You forced the blood right out of my spleen, Maimed
You blew my foot right out of the scene, Maimed
You've got the mortars strummin' and plonkin' out the tune that smashed my hand
The whole regiment's bummin' since you brought DCs back to No Man’s Land.
You make us targets easy to pick, Maimed
You give my old sore backside a kick, Maimed
You make old Colonel Popov turn purple at the mention of your name.
You've made us want to cry again
You've started a new drive again

To make the Reich revive again, Maimed!!!
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