AAR: Gauntlet


Mar 13, 2010
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Portland, OR
Last night, I had a crack at Gauntlet, written for the PlayersDB and was played in H3.

As NATO commander, my job was to use my two FFG's to escort x2 MRCH vessels to safe harbor in Narvik along the coastline. The orders recommended keeping the speed up to 20 kts to make it more difficult for the enemy to attack. However, at that speed it makes it difficult for us to hear them.

I launched x2 Lynx, and x1 Sea Hawk helos on ASW missions dropping buoys along the various threat axes, meanwhile cruising at 20 kts to Narvik. Two surface contacts were picked up to the Northeast and a very large distance away. About that time, Narvik reported Soviet fighter/bombers attacking the military installation. All we could do was watch and listen as the Soviets came in for two runs on Narvik, destroying the radar tower along with several vital buildings and structures.

We pressed on with only the two distant surface contacts on the scopes, expecting Narvik to be in flames on our arrival.

Suddenly an unknown sub contact was detected very close to our small flotilla. I ordered the helos to intercept immediately, however I couldn't wait until there was an actual identification on the sub as the contact was just too close to us. I fired one ship-launched torp at the contact. The torp ran toward it and didn't find a target.

As the Sea Hawk and Lynx got into position to drop their torps, we detected multiple torpedoes coming from the vicinity of the sub contact. All ships increased to flank and began to maneuver as best they could.

The helos attacked the sub multiple times but enemy torps kept coming. I fired 3 more ship-launched fish at the sub. Shortly after that, one of the MRCH vessels erupted into a huge fireball.

Both sides exchanged torps until one of my FFG's was also hit and began listing badly, sinking rapidly. About an hour later, my other FFG was struck and went down, leaving one remaining MRCH and 2 helos alive.

After numerous attacks by the helos, the sub was never identified nor was there ever a firm contact that we could see. The remaining MRCH went down within an hour of the 2nd FFG slipping beneath the waves.

The helos plucked as may survivors as they could from the frigid waters and dropped them along the rugged coastline. Finally the helos ran out of fuel and had to land near the survivors to await rescue or capture.

I had a good time with this one, it was deceptively challenging and to me, those are some of the best scens. Thank you very much to the author!

Herman Hum

Composite Warfare Command
Jul 17, 2004
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Thanks for a wonderful AAR. Very glad you enjoyed it. It was one of the original Harpoon Classic scenarios that was re-written for compatibility with H3 and the PlayersDB. Hopefully, you will enjoy the rest of the Classic GIUK battleset. :)