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Apr 27, 2018
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Played Demolition Men against Walt. He wanted to be the Godless Communists. I wuz the Godless SS.

This was the second week in a row that I had played the SS. Last week’s game inspired me, so I started writing a novel about a sadistic SS officer and the submissive woman who loves him. I call it “Fifty Shades Of Black”.

Gliders with 468s and 548s come down to take a building away from Tito’s Yugos.


There are random rubble, shellhole, and Blaze rolls before the game starts. After the Partisan setup, wind direction is then determined, which will decide the direction that the gliders are coming from. Since Drifting Smoke is placed downwind of the Blazes, this can result in Partisans being setup in Smoke. I offered to let Walt place his units after the wind direction roll, but he wanted to play it as written.

Evil Germans have 7 squads, 3 SMCs, and 7 gliders. Since I didn’t want to lose anyone to a crash, I picked target hexes with wide open approaches. Tito’s terrorists have nothing to shoot at the gliders while they are in the air, so it was a guarantee that they would land where I wanted. If you are new to glider rules, you may want to give this one a try. It’s basically Glider Lite.

Half my force landed west of the victory building, and half in the NE corner. Walt doesn't have any good shots at the gliders on the ground, so he holds his fire. P1, his sniper takes out my 9-1. The 8-1, LMG, 527 shoots at my 9-2, but they pass. Because of the Smoke on the west side, Walt pulls his troops there back to the north side of the road. I break a squad on the east side, but he just routs back to the Commissar. Who then shoots him. Twice. Retreating is punished severely in Tito's army!!!

A concealed 337 squad AMs next to a 468 with a DC. I can’t hurt him, and we kill each other in HtH CC. It also destroys the DC.

The game comes down to me pushing against the building from both sides. Walt had two 337s across the road to the south. I took one victory building hex, and was able to chase two squads upstairs and encircle them in the other. But I couldn’t break them, even after getting some 2 and 3 MCs. Walt’s shooting was generally bad, which helped me. Every time he rolled another 10 or 12, he would say, “Should we wake Tito now??? “Nah, not yet...”


Oops, wrong Tito...
(The other Tito needed more cowbell...)

P4, he moves a 527 downstairs and kills my 468 in HtH CC. I have half a turn left to take both locations in the one hex.

G5, I Prepped and broke the upstairs guys, but was unable to get a DC placed on the downstairs 527. Although I could have gotten into CC with the 527, it still would have left the upstairs hex under Partisan control. Partisans win!

Fun, short game. Pro-partisan on ROAR, but I felt I had a good chance to win, and it doesn't have many playings yet. Walt passed a bunch of MC while encircled. Had he failed those, the game was mine.

High replay value, as the random rubble/ blazes and wind direction will change the game each time.

“Should we wake Tito up and give him the good news?” “Nah, better not. He’s been in the mood to purge someone all week...”

Tito and Michael Douglas - Are They One Man???


Jun 23, 2016
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Oh, man, I saw Tito years and years ago at Chicagofest on the Navy Pier. . . Uh, Puente, that is