AAR - Crickets In Spring - AP131

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Apr 27, 2018
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I recently changed jobs, and thought that I would share some valuable job hunting advice with you. Bring your Emotional Support Dogs with you. Explain to your future boss that it is important that they be with you at work every day, as you are suffering from PTSD after a traumatic loss in Hill 621. After you start work, it can go like this:

“Major, I need you to collate these 178 boxes of dusty files.”


“I’m afraid that won’t be possible. You see, Cujo here thinks that it may increase my anxiety. Did you know that dogs are very attuned to their owner’s emotional state? If I were to become filled with, say, blind rage over having to do some mundane, meaningless task that would take me away from my current project, which is searching the Internet for skateboard fail videos, these fiercely loyal canines would immediately sense it and react. And we don’t want to upset Cujo, Dogimus Maximus and Mister Bitey now, do we???”

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Walt wanted to play Crickets in Spring:




Walt almost always takes the Allied side, so I wuz the Vaunted Black Counter SS, with Panthers, while 2 Crickets (150 mm OT AGs with cardboard armor) come in later. The Russians start with a handful of squads and 3 76L ART pieces. T34/85s and 628s come in later.

While it is nice to have the 76Ls, being ART, they can’t set up in buildings. To increase their potential for damage, however, EC are Mud, which kinda restricts the vehicles to the road.



My Secret Plan wuz to have the Panthers grind through the mud on my left, then use them to cut the roads to keep the Soviet infantry from reinforcing. The bulk of the SS went straight up the middle, with two squads going on the right flank.

This worked pretty well. One Panther Bogged, but freed itself right away. The SS started stomping heads in the center. There was an anxious moment when they came upon an artillery piece at one hex range, but, in true Walt fashion, his shot missed. So he Intensive Fired. Which, in true Walt fashion, also missed. Enraged, we beat the crew to death with their own optics equipment.

Mid-game, SS Stompification continues. One Panther got nailed by a sneaky ART piece, and another was immobilized by a T-34. But it was generally ugly for The Boys In Brown, and with his infantry getting shot up and me occupying a buncha buildings, Walt conceded.

The Crickets didn’t do anything. Sure, the high-pitched whine created by them rubbing their wings together proved annoying to the Soviet infantry, not to mention Walt, as I kept making cricket noises. A duel with a T-34 ended badly for them. But the potential for Cardboard Carnage wuz there...

ister Bitey sends his love...