AAR - Corps Value - WO32

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Apr 27, 2018
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Played Corpse Value against Walt Harrar. He was the North Koreans, aka The Seoul Brothers. I had the USMC, who have to live up to the fine example of Chesty Puller, who I believe was a stripper in Daegu.

Marines storm a village to take names and kick ass, not necessarily in that order. They have 6 tanks for support, including a flame tank.

The North Koreans have two weak guns and a mix of infantry. They get Molotovs. They get to purchase fortifications from a list.

The Marines get to purchase fornications from a list. It's a better list.

Odd VC. The Marines get points for every turn that they control two buildings. They get points for clearing the hilltops and a stone building toward the rear. They get points for prisoners, but not for Koreans killed. The Koreans get points for CVPs and GO units towards the back of the board at game end.

Marines charge boldly forward on turn 1, some guys using armored assault, some charging like they just don't care. I get shot at by two HS speed bumps, for no effect. One is in a steeple, and I jump him in CC with a CX 8-0 and 348. Walt gets Ambush and wounds the 8-0. But it's okay because chicks dig scars.

The flame tank boldly charges the left hill by himself, and flames a trench and pillbox. The 37L AA crew breaks, but chooses not to rout.

NK 1, Walt miraculously self rallies his crew while DMed and tries for DI. He doesn't get it. A crazy dude with a DC tries to jump the flame tank, and is cut to pieces! I break two HSs in the village, eliminating one, and kill the Steeple People in CC.

A2, the flame tank breaks the 37L AA crew again. More bold charging to take the two victory buildings. I find mines in three hexes of them, but the heroic Marines are unfazed. The tanks move up to start shooting.

NK2, one tank is DIed by the 45LL AT. A broken 458 on the hill Battle Hardens in the rally phase, and Walt decides that 9 morale is sufficient to try to jump on top of the flame tank. A 2 KIA result shows him the error of his ways.

A3, the 37L AA crew miraculously self rallies while DMed. Again. Fed up with this manure, the flame tank KIAs him, and malfunctions the AA gun. I armored assault a 768 behind the 45LL. A HS next door first fires, final fires, then FPFs at me. Only the last shot had any effect. And since he rolled an 11, that effect was on him.

My wounded 8-0 decides that his greatest joy in life is to chase down a broken HS while waving his pistol in the air. Like he just don't care. He proceeds to do this the rest of the game.

I had a tankdozer, which came with the optional turret-mounted goat.
I hit an AT mine with it and blowed up real good, but the crew survived. No word on the fate of the goat. I'm hoping that a future module will have updated tank counters with GS (Goat Survival) #s on them.

The 45LL crew gets murdered in AFPh. I take a HS prisoner.

Turn 4, a Berserk NK squad charges into open ground, where he has to face -2 shots from a tank, four squads, and a 9-2. Unsurprisingly, he does not make it.

My sniper wakes up and breaks a 447 and kills a 7-0. His sniper wakes up and pins my guarding HS, then breaks my guarding HS, then kills my guarding HS, which rearms his prisoners. This also kills my chances of taking all the hill hexes.

My flame tank breaks the last GO squad on the one hill.

Turn 5, and I decide it's time to assault the Fortified victory building hex. He has a Pinned 8-1 and a Berserk 458 with a MMG in it. My first squad charges and Pins. My second squad charges and is fine. He decides to FPF, because, with 10 morale, what's the worst that could happen? He rolls an 11, and reduces himself to a HS.

Meanwhile, behind the building, tanks are surrounding the Commissar and his few remaining broken men. The Commissar can't find matches for his Molotov Cocktail. More great AFPh shots, including a CH from a tank, and he is gone.

The Berserker can't keep me out of the Fortified Building in Advance Phase, because he's not GO, and he's not a full squad. I get Ambush, kill him and the 8-1.

Walt throws in the towel. I am going to take 2 squads prisoner the upcoming turn. He only has a Conscript HS left in GO (the escaped prisoners.) We do the points, and it's 24 to 6.

It's hard for the NK to get CVPs in this, and my dice were beyond hot. Walt complained several times that he wished his SAN was 3 instead of 5, because I rolled so many of them. The only units I had break due to fire were the 9-1 and the bailing out crew. My only other two breaks were due to snipers. I lost one HS due to the sniper, but no infantry due to Walt shooting. He rolled lots of 10s and 11s.

Flame tanks rule!!!

"Son, when the Marine Corps wants you to have a wife, you will be issued one."
-Chesty Puller

Good night Chesty, wherever you are.


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Aug 7, 2010
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Some spuddy award winners in there!


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Nov 8, 2003
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Great write up. This scenario is in the "to play next" rotation the next time I game with Mark DeVries. I have the North Koreans-hoping for the best......