AAR Bodø ASL Open - 24th. Jan-26th Jan 2020


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Jan 29, 2003
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Last October I realized there was going to be an ASL event in Bodø, Norway. Hmmm. Why is this city something I have noticed before? Oh, they have the aviation museum for Norway - a place I have wanted to visit for years! Also I remembered how it was when we decided to set up the Finnish ASL event in 1999 and get a few guys from Sweden to support us- now I could do it for myself.

So as I was also curious to see how the Norwegian ASL scen was I booked flights and arrived into the dark windy city on Thursday night. Tournament organizer Nils Bakke picked me and Tron Ljodal up and we went to his house for evening of intense ASL discussion.
The tournament was due to start on friday evening so Tron and I set up for a warm up game:FT230 Italian Behemoth

I was playing the British. I set up with too strong force on the British left side- I was planning to sift my forces if needed but this did not work out as the L3 tankettes pinned down my troops and made movement impossible. The British have an ATR, MMG and 76 mm mortar which can shoot at the tanks, but as all of these malfunctioned I was not able to shoot myself out of the difficulties caused bad initial setup. 0-1

Next up was the private guided tour to the aviation museum and it was very good- I got in to ask a lot of questions from our guide...

First tournament round I was paired with Lars Jelstad who is a new ASL player living in Bodö. We sat down to play FrF98 Amerikanskaya Suka. I was the German. Lars did not attack with the required aggressiveness into the German setup area and I managed to keep all of the buildings inder my control relatively easily. This one is not the most newbie friendly scenario there is but I can now see how it ha become a popular one. 1-0 for the tournament 1-1 total

As we still had more time I played another one with Lars- FrF 49 Totensonntag. I attacked with the Poles. This was a better game. I managed to break his defences eventually, but it had a lot of nice infantry action going on and I hope Lars picked a thing or two out of it. 2-1 total

Saturday was reserved for bigger affairs - this being a small tournament allowed the organizers to reserve one day for bigger scenarios. This decision I liked a lot and it was one of the reasons signing up. I played the tournament organizer Nils Bakke and we chose to play DTF-2 Blitzkrieg! I was playing the French. I decided to purchase all the AT assets I could and went for two ATRs 3 37* INF guns, I like these as they come with an extra 228 MMC for building control. This move surprised Nils and in the end I killed 7 German AFVs while losing one Somua - Nils managed to grab 20 buildings but the AFV losses made the hole too deep to climb up from. This is a great scenario design and I really hope to play it again. I could see several different purchase/setup strategies for the French. 2-0 in the tournament, 3-1 total.

My last game was against Oddgeir Drevdal. We played J103 Lenins Sons. During the early turns Oddgeir played a solid defensive game and I lost couple of squad equivalents and my Flamethrower because I took couple of risky moves in trying to force the issue. Finally he made one small mistake on the German left flank and I managed turn his flank- there was a breakthrough on the German left flank trough the woods and I grabbed the needed buildings relatively easily. 3-0 in the tournament and a win, 4-1 total.

I can strongly recommend visiting Bodø for ASL. There is a really nice bunch of ASLers up there and they will take a good care of you. And the aviation museum is not bad at all if you fancy old airplanes!