A9.61 and D3.53

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Aug 16, 2004
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Looking for a clarification on the "MG used for TK" purposes (currently playing U23 Road to Kozani Pass)

A9.61 states that an MG that is halved for any purpose cannot be used for a TK attempt versus an armoured target.

This would limit a non-vehicular MG to a Prep Fire, Def Fire or Opp Fire attempts in Adv Fire Phases.

Now we get to D3.53 and it appears to muddy the waters a bit.

D3.53 "The Case B To Hit DRM does not apply to vehicle MG; the FP of any MG firing during the AFPh is halved instead, unless it is MA attempting a To Kill DR as ordnance (A9.61).

Two views on this:

1) This would appear to mean that a vehicle could make a TK attempt in the Prep, Def and AFPh even if in Motion or a BFF as long as the MG is the MA (ie: British MkVIb light tank or German SdKfz 251/1 ht).


2) The reference back to A9.61 means a TK attempt cannot be made as a BFF/Motion Firer or in AFPh as the MG (ie: CMG or AAMG = MA) would be halved after moving to a new hex.

I have always leaned to the first interpretation but the inclusion of the A9.61 reference now has me wondering.