A Wave Breaking on the Tide or something like that

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    Yeah firelanes sound really cool, but often are just a few 1-1 shots that aren't likely to do much of anything without some lucky DRing. I use them where I can, but I think they are often more useful psychologically than actually.
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    1-1 is roughly like a 2-0, a 1-2 roughly like a 4-0, so even a small FL is nothing to be trifled with if the terrain does not inhibit its effectiveness.

    A 1-1 will force some roll on the opponent roughly 41% of the time, a 1-2 does so roughly 58% of the time.

    Of course, this does not mean there will be any effective result on the enemy, but we know that all sorts of things happen in ASL: Leaders pin, wound, break or even die with the plethora of unwelcome consequences, MMC do the same, Snipers get triggered, Huts catch fire...

    So basically, the only thing more dangerous than a FL is a CX Russian Conscript HS, that moves to capture a German 3.7cm PaK35/36, turning it it around three hexspines in the AFPh to fire at a Motion small German JgPz IV in a Fortified Stone Building through cumulative 5 Smoke Hindrances at a range of 55 hexes to kill it and its crew with an improbable critical hit. ;)

    Extra bonus-nerd questions for the honorable Mr. Weir:
    What is the probability of this?
    Are there coceivable targets more difficult to hit?
    How much older has the surface of the earth turned compared to its center during the time you figured out the first two questions?

    von Marwitz
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    Another entertaining AAR. Bind these all up and sell them as a book of short stories.
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    Well, there is this old saying: "Cheer up, things could be worse. So I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse."

    Looked to me as if Ivan's failing was the inability to establish a Polish schwerepunkt, though it surely looked scary for you for a while. I think if he had used the four F's (Find 'em, Fix 'em, Flank 'em, Fight 'em), with a single powerful focus of attack supported by a good Support By Fire positions utilizing his plethora of MGs & Mtrs say on the other flank, you simply would have been overrun. The use of a secondary smaller spoiling attack force to help fix you could also be envisioned as he had a wealth of troops available. I noticed that even though he had a wealth of SW, some were left dm (including a HMG for Pete's sake) or effectively out of the fight by continual movement. Though his artillery was somewhat successful by firing on targets of opportunity, its effect was minimized by continually shifting focus. Better use in my estimation would have been to prep the initial objectives then shift fire to secondary targets using smoke to obscure enemy (your) supporting positions or Harassing Fires to interdict your reinforcing possibilities to areas he intends to threaten (pretty much standard artillery doctrine).

    All in all though looks like a great fight, AND another great write-up! Both of you will probably remember this head bashing with some degree of gleeful nostalgia for a long time.
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    Thanks, unfortunately I think the only people likely to be interested in reading them currently get them free right here.

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