2021 eASL OPEN

David Goldman

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Mar 9, 2003
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The eASL OPEN will start March 8 and end May 3, 2021. The week ending Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021 will be a bye week. There will be six one week rounds (with a possible 7th round added if registration exceeds 64 participants).

New for 2021 will be use of the Pleva Bidding System. In the next few weeks, the scenario list will be posted.

New for 2021 will be a separate email address to send in your bids, specific for each round. (Yes you can do that with hyperlinks).

Back again is the Any Scenario selection. Basically for any match, you and your opponent can play any scenario ever published with two exceptions: a scenario on the list in a subsequent round and a scenario either one of you have already played in the tournament.

With an absolute time schedule for completion of each round, there is no waiting for laggards. Stragglers will not be shot, but they may lose their standing in the tournament.

Look for the scenario list and registration form to be posted to the website: https://aslopen.org

I have had a lot of help over the 20 years I've been running the OPEN. I would like to openly thank some of the stalwarts who have given me ideas, helped with scenarios, and given constructive criticisms:

Rich Domovic
Scott Spilky
Rob Banozic
Mike Naven
Scott Holst
Meryl Rutz
Chris Edwards
George Tournemire
Steve Pleva

Gunner Scott

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Jan 27, 2003
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Looking forward to the ASL open. Wish we could play ftf, but hopefully by ASLOK we will all be vaccinated and ready to go.