yet more elvis lies!


    CMBN v3.0 announced

    #5 Unread Today, 11:37 AM is offline Administrator Join Date: Feb 1999 Posts: 18,604 Default My rough guess is roughly 2 months. That's one month to take care of unexpected CMRT issues and to prep the builds for both Normandy and Italy. Then a month...
  2. E

    Combat Mission: Red Thunder announced (I'd post more that the link if I wasn't doing this from my dead sex phone)

    The Perfect World

    A quote from Steve... I am sure this has been already thought up by others close to a decade ago. But let's pretend Steve is an original thinker. Actually, the game already has 'objectives'. Not sure how he thinks the new 'objectives' are to planned out. Perhaps he means phase lines...
  4. Michael Dorosh

    Announcement and Merry Christmas

    tacticalwargamercom is pleased to announce that Tactical Wargamer's Journal Issue 3 in now on sale, in both print and electronic form. Issue 3 is intended as a guide for gamers to understanding the role of the British and Commonwealth forces in Northwest Europe during 1944-45. The issue...