1. tcipcic

    Attack at Dawn: North Africa

    Hello gamers! My name is Tom and I am designing an operational-level wargame set in WW2 North African theatre. The name of the game is Attack at Dawn: North Africa. I am combining real-time/we-go mechanics with the operational level combat. I am trying to make these maps "come alive" so to...
  2. Attenzionen

    Orezekya Breakout SASL

    The last few weeks I have been enjoying the Ozerekya Breakout campaign as a HSASL game. Its fun and very immersive ideed. I can only recommend this experience. Right now I am preparing TM4 the February 5 1943 afternoon scenario. The Soviets have secured a line roughly from the house in the...
  3. Michael R

    Photos from Normandy

    Grab a glass of your favourite beverage before you go look at this photos. There are over 700 photos! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.691249554298927.1073741832.100002416658987&type=1&l=b5ebf54fed
  4. R

    Operational and Tactical players wanted

    Hi all I run a WW2 game via email. We are at March 1940 but short of players to do it right. This is a very detailed play by email wargame. Turns are 11 days = 1 game month. Players take roles as leaders, generals, and admirals and work on either the Allied or Axis side to fight the war...
  5. daveramsey

    OT: WW2 High Def Photos

    Some amazing photos here: http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w51/tonno1970/1a34949u1_0.jpg http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w51/tonno1970/1a35222u_0.jpg http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w51/tonno1970/1a35285u_0.jpg http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w51/tonno1970/1a35291u_0.jpg...