1. Tycho


    Close combat... Can a unit attempt to withdraw from CC/melee (A11.21) in the first round of close combat? Melee is listed as occurring if units from both sides survive the first attacks (A11.15). In the giant sequence of play foldout, in step 8.15B the word melee is in italics, which...
  2. F

    CC/Melee with broken units on both sides (also the world's worst glider landing)

    Sorry for the longwinded question... I just wanted to give context to make sure eveyone understands how I could possibly have got into the situation I did. If I messed something up that would normally make the below situation impossible, I'd love to know! Here's the action: Pegasus Bridge...
  3. James Taylor

    Melee Withdrawal Timing

    Half-squad is in melee with an immobilized vehicle. Troops friendly to the vehicle advance into the melee. CC is sequential because of the vehicle. May the half-squad withdraw without being attacked by the enemy infantry/vehicle because it gets to go first in the sequential CC? Or does...