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  1. von Marwitz

    FrF68 A Hasty Farewell - AAR

    FrF68 A Hasty Farewell - AAR When leafing through my Friendly Fire scenario collection, I came across this one which looked quite appealing. Neither board 53 nor board q were too familiar to me. Set in the last days of the war - 28. April 1945 - it pits the Yugoslav army (represented by...
  2. von Marwitz

    ASL Pre-OBA-Flowchart Flowchart by Wayne

    Just fought my way through the rules of what happens when a Leader manning a Field Phone breaks while the shells are falling and a FFE:2 is on board. I found this 'ASL Pre-OBA-Flowchart Flowchart' by Wayne to be of great use, which I found in an old thread here: I thought I share this...
  3. von Marwitz

    ASL Counter Labels for use with A75 & A78 RAACO inserts + Assorters covering all ASL Core Modules v1.0

    This is the PDF version of a file which provides labels to use with A75 & A78 RAACO inserts and RAACO Assorters and covers all ASL Core Modules (and a bit more) with roughly 1100 labels. A separate article available at GS forum explains this file in detail and is downloadable here...
  4. von Marwitz

    Article The 'Ultimate' RAACO Storage v1.0

    This 22 page article provides what I would have liked when I began planning to set up a RAACO storage for my ASL stuff in one file: Basic premises before you start, hardware needed, best way to organize counters according to premises along with thoughts & reasoning behind it, process & best...