vasl setups

  1. ireland94

    Uploaded v2dot8 of S2, S10, and S11

    v2dot8 updates for S2 War of the Rats S10 Paper Army S11 A Long Way To Go
  2. ireland94

    Map r problem when building setup

    I have an odd problem, first the particulars - Windows-7 64bit - VASSAL 3.1.15 - VASL 5.9.2 - Most recent board r (downloaded today) - Trying to build Starter Kit setup for S44 (You do not need to be doing SK, just trying to use board r Steps followed: - Start new game (no board...
  3. ireland94

    Enhanced Starter Kit VASL Scenario Setups

    I have uploaded a zip file containing enhanced VASL setup files for Starter Kits. The scenarios are 1-32 and 41-43. See the download description for details of the enhancements.