1. commissar1969

    Trench MF Cost in Deep Snow

    Gentlemen: B27.54 states: "The cost to enter a connecting trench hex is always one MF (unless doubled for a move to higher elevation) regardless of the other terrain in the hex [EXC: SMOKE]. Even Wire, walls, or hedges have no effect on movement between connecting trenches (see also 30.8). "...
  2. Robin Reeve

    O6.2-21 RB Cellar : ADJACENT to connected Trench?

    Does the O6.2 example exclude the connected Trench in D24 (or at least the 8-3-8 in it) as one of the Locations ADJACENT to C25? No. Is a RB Cellar ADJACENT to a unit in a connected Trench? Yes. ....Perry MMP
  3. Robin Reeve

    O6.2-21 RB Cellar : ADJACENT to connected Trench?

    Hi all, Is a connected Trench ADJACENT to a Cellar? The example given for rule O6.2 doesn't seem to include it (but it doesn't speak of the Trench at all, which is confusing). The 6.21 EX linked to the same picture seems to imply that a connected Trench is not ADJACENT to a Cellar. This seems...
  4. Robin Reeve

    Trench connecting to ADJACENT Building VotG6 SSR (and O.6)

    Hi all, Just a need of clarification about the VotG6 SSR (and cf. O.6 rule). When a Trench is adjacent to a building, does it connect to the cellar and the ground level? O.621 says that the connections open into Cellar level and VotG6 speaks of "all ADJACENT building/rubble Locations" : can...
  5. James Taylor

    RB Trench & Building Connection for a Bunker?

    This is the situation. The squad/HMG & 9-1 are IN the PB. They want to move from the PB to the building C42 "in one move", i.e. without first stopping in the Trench in D42. Because the PB is a bunker, can this be done directly, thereby avoid DFF in D42? Thanks, JT
  6. Tycho

    Trench connection to adjacnet building

    I've probably been in Stalingrad too long... Do trenches *not* connect to adjacent buildings by default? As far as I can tell B27 doesn't talk about it, and the only entry in Klas' Tome Of Errata is a query about AT ditch connections, where the answer was basically "no, but it sounds like a...
  7. commissar1969

    Can Armored Cupola be Set Up in a Trench?

    B27.51 states: "Any counter may start a scenario beneath a trench counter." B27.52 states: "Any vehicle beneath a trench counter is considered HD, but may not change its VCA or expend a Start MP." So can an Armored Cupola set up in a Trench? If it does, would it still see over Walls /...
  8. K

    Trenches with Wire and Lower-level Locations

    Does a unit moving from a lower-elevation location into a trench with Wire in hex go on top of the wire or underneath the wire? Here is the situation: A squad is at level 1 in a trench with Wire in the hex and is under the Wire. The squad moves one hex to a ground level location across a...