1. Robin Reeve

    B20.41 and B20.46 : is a vehicle subject to Bog exiting a dry stream? a frozen one (B20.7)?

    Hi all, B20.41 states : "If a stream is dry, it does not exist; rather, it is considered a gully for all purposes" And B20.46 : "Vehicles transit a stream hex as if it were a gully, regardless of water depth [EXC: Flooded]. All vehicles leaving a stream hex via a higher elevation hexside are...
  2. Robin Reeve

    Routing unit entering a Deep Stream (B20.43) - possible CX gain ?

    Hi all, I asked this rules question on FB - because GS seems instable these days and I couldn't reach it at the time - but I received no answer until now. What happens to a unit which routs into or through a Deep Stream? Does it gain CX status? Note that it does not specify entry during MPh -...
  3. Paul S NJ

    Streams during snow?

    Listeroids, Was preparing for Devil's Congregation and had a question. During 'regular' ground snow (not Deep Snow), is a stream with no ssr mentioned a dry gully or a frozen water obstacle? I can see it both ways and wanted some advice. Thanks in advance, Paul
  4. JLStewart1778

    R.G.G. Presents...Zombies!!! The RPG Season 2 Episode 1

    Tonight R.G.G. Presents Zombies!!! The RPG Season 2 Episode 1 "They're Coming for You... Lisa"! Using Savage Worlds Roleplaying System, Zombacalypse from Silver Gryphon-Games and maps from my friend Charles White at Fabled Environments! When: 9:00pm EST Where:
  5. Robin Reeve

    B20.41 and 20.46 Dry Streams : vehicle exit - limits to: "considered a gully"...

    I remain confused by some questions about Dry streams. A Dry stream "does not exist", but "Dry" is still listed as a depth in the B20.4 paragraph. So, first question : is a vehicle exiting a Dry stream still subject to Bog (even though a dry stream is considered a "gully for all purposes") ...