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  1. lvet

    Confused on how to start playing ASL

    Greetings from Spain, I used to play the original Squad Leader during the 80s when I was a teenager. I would like to get back to this wonderful game but I am facing few challenges. I have several question The standard Advanced Squad Leader box set is really difficult to find. It looks like...
  2. T

    PTO City Fight Scenarios?

    Hello all. I am a Starter Kit player, and I wish to design a scenario for an upcoming SK scenario pack. The quickest route to this is to take an existing scenario, request permission to use the material, and find SK maps and pieces that fit, play test and submit. In a former life when I was a...
  3. =FC=Gorgon

    Nor'easter XXII 2018 Apr 5th - Apr 8th Boxborough, MA

    Hi Folks, I wanted to let you all know that we had great success with our ASLSK support at Nor'easter XXI last year so we are making this a regular part of the event now. Mitch Abrams will be back to acting as the ASLSK Emm Cee and handling matchups, scenario selection ideas, advice and a good...
  4. P

    Are there any 3-player scenarios that can be played with SK#1&2 components?

    As title says: Are there any 3-player scenarios that can be played with SK#1&2 components? I am just getting started in this and would like to learn the basics together with couple friends of mine and would like all of us to get piece of the action.
  5. =FC=Gorgon

    Nor'easter XXI 2017 Mar 30th - Apr 2nd Boxborough, MA

    Hello SK Friends! I wanted to let you know what we have added more support for SK games at Nor'easter XXI. I don't want to get too off topic for this forum so if you are in New England and may be interested in some face to face SK action against new players, please check out the full thread on...
  6. furgie

    DaE - Strategic Location Control

    I've just finished the initial scenario (23rd Sept). I now have to work out setup areas.... Can I assume that all buildings and road entries that were in initial setup areas (so everything west of hexrow D for the Brits and everything east of hexrow E for the Germans) that have not been...
  7. L

    Firing up the Starter Kit This Weekend

    My first ASL game in years. Can't wait. Something to do while I re-acquaint myself with the full rules. Always loved a pure infantry game...
  8. D

    ASLSK Opponent

    Looking for someone to start at ASLSK Scenario 1 and go all the way to the end. on VASL, I figure this will be a good way to learn everything about the game in time. After SK, It would be fun to play with this person in full rules. I figured this would be a good way to take two new people and...
  9. ireland94

    Enhanced Starter Kit VASL Scenario Setups

    I have uploaded a zip file containing enhanced VASL setup files for Starter Kits. The scenarios are 1-32 and 41-43. See the download description for details of the enhancements.
  10. ireland94

    Color coded Close Combat Table Odds Ratio - NO MATH REQUIRED from 1;1 to 50:30
  11. ireland94

    New color coded Close Combat Table Odds Ration - NO math required from 1:1 to 50:30