squad leader

  1. Dwindham

    Critical Hit: Dien Bien Phu Squad Leader Review Video

    An in-depth video/review of Critical Hits Dien Bien Phu Comp that I made I was mostly inspired because I did not see a any open box review of Critical Hit's products and I also wanted to see what I personally thought vs what Desperation Morale had wrote.
  2. S

    2012 Squad Leader Series Tournament (SL List repost)

    The 2012 Squad Leader Series Tournament is looking for players. If your interested in playing Squad Leader, follow the link to register... https://sites.google.com/site/2012squadleadertourny/home The tournament is open to players of all experience levels and gamettes of the series (SQL...
  3. H

    Newbie looking for VASSAL live play for ASL Starter or local Chicago Burbs

    I currently play Flames of War, Fighting Formations, Combat Commander and others like Flying Colors or SPQR. Still learning Advanced Squad Leader I am however most interested in getting into ASL after all these years of being afraid to try it. I have skype, ventrilo, and am available most...
  4. H

    Massive VASL errors when synching to a game need help please

    When I connect to a VASSAL game of ASL to sync and watch ( I am brand new, just got the ASL Starter Kit 1) I get a heap of extension errors. I was wondering where to get a majority of these: (I am using VASL 5.9.2) This game was saved with extension '3d6' loaded. You do not have this...