1. Michael R

    Grizzly for sale
  2. Michael R

    FURY's AAMGs

    FURY has two AAMG. It has a 30 cal mounted on a pintle, in front of the commander's hatch. The tank also has a 50 cal mounted at the back of the turret. I thought that looked a bit Hollywood, so I skimmed my reference books for Sherman photos and specifications. I saw the 30 cal and the 50 cal...
  3. W

    Anecdotal support for effectiveness of 'track' armour on Shermans

    While doing my watchkeeping shift today at the local Military Museum, I read this article: ...which has anecdotal evidence that the track pieces welded onto Shermans did work to prevent penetrations...albeit as a temporary...
  4. Michael R

    Scenario hunting

    I am lining up scenarios for a mini-tournament whose theme is the Sherman tank. Naturally, the bulk of the scenarios are American versus German, but I have several other allies and one with Japanese. I looked for a scenario that has Italians against Shermans. I found only "The Guns Of Naro"...
  5. H

    The CMN engine and real trajectory effects; Or, Can a Sherman kill a Tiger??

    I was looking over a few websites that showed how Tigers may have been knocked out or destroyed by tanks armed with weaponry that was deemed unable to defeat the Tiger's frontal (and side armor). Technically, it is assumed that the way in which the CMN engine works should allow for a plethora...