scen designers handbook

  1. Kevin Kenneally

    Scenario Designer Guide

    Well, I bought Mark's Designers Guide and will take my time to read this. But at a first glance, the cover and back pages are ALL the color that is in the magazine. The inside pages are all B&W, with a lot of wasted space. The formatting of the pages could have been done a little better...
  2. Morbii

    Scenario Design books

    I've noticed two separate scenario design books out there for ASL (Pitman's and Dorosh's). Are either of them any good/worth it if I want to try my hand at ASL scenario design? Are there more options out there as well?
  3. Kevin Kenneally

    Comments about a book for ASL

    All, I just had delivered to me the "Scenario Designers Guide" by our favorite Canadian Mike Dorosh. I have done a very quick scan through the book and I am "amazed" at the amount of info available inside this book. Others, if you have purchased this book, please let us hear what your...
  4. Brien Martin

    If we're talking design ...

    ... I'd love to see discussion on the "how" of it all. Mark's book was nice, but what I really wanted from that compendium, and what fell short for me, is a discussion on how you determine the troop quality and type. We often see things like, "Well, the fallschirmjager platoon of a typical...
  5. Michael Dorosh

    Scenario Design Resources

    While doing some research in back issues of various magazines, I stumbled across a couple of great references on the subject of scenario design that I wish I would have had access to during the writing of my Scenario Designer's Handbook (see link in signature) The Wargamer Vol. 2 No 9 The Long...
  6. Kevin Kenneally

    Size of a Company in ASL terms....

    All, When you are using DYO for a scenario, what do you use to make the "Company-sized" elements you wish to play with? Chapter S has a good example. Are there any others beside the CG reinforcement charts in all the HASLs?
  7. thedrake

    Scenario Designers Handbook

    Just received my complimentary copy of Michael Dorosh's Scenario Designers Handbook for ASL.All I can say is it is an excellent addition to the ASL line of reference material and I highly recommend it.For more info go to the following link:
  8. Michael Dorosh

    New ASL Publication Announcement After extended discussion in the above thread, is pleased to announce the publication of Scenario Designer's Handbook (ISBN 978-0-9782646-8-0). Some of the comments from the above thread: Paolo Cariolato...
  9. J

    More thoughts on the Scenario Designers Guide

    I doubt that I'll ever get around to designing scenarios, but thought I'd buy the ASL Scenario Designers Guide to help me understand a bit more about scenario development. Although a lot of this information is common sense, it's nice to see it presented in a single book. Furthermore, I would...