1. Attenzionen

    Orezekya Breakout SASL

    The last few weeks I have been enjoying the Ozerekya Breakout campaign as a HSASL game. Its fun and very immersive ideed. I can only recommend this experience. Right now I am preparing TM4 the February 5 1943 afternoon scenario. The Soviets have secured a line roughly from the house in the...
  2. E

    Panic and Concealment

    Does panic cause a unit to lose concealment (assuming it's in LOS of good order ENEMY or Suspect counter)? If so, at night would a unit that panics create a gunflash? Thanks!
  3. P

    Blood Reef: Tarawa SASL Update

    Hi, the playtesters has done a great job and I have put together a new version for them from their response. There are still room for some new testers if you are interested to help out. Jorgen
  4. Z

    SASL Red Barricades question

    Hi there, am playing the first scenario of SASL Red Barricades. Just wondering if I should apply the +2 drm for activation checks on city mapboards. Stalingrad is obviously a city, but it's not listed on the table which the rule refers to. If I apply it, it will make a massive difference to the...
  5. A

    SASL Question

    I am currently reading the SASL rules in preparation for my first game and I came up with a question on something that just wasn't clear to me. Can an enemy S? be activated by the PREP fire of a FRIENDLY unit. If so, I presume it would be area fire . . . and when would the activated S...
  6. Robin Reeve

    SASL Leader Command Influence

    SASL Command control : Just a question about Friendly command control : may a leader exert his Command Influence over a FRIENDLY leader of same morale level, but with a worse Leadership DRM? Example : may a 8-1 exert his Command Influence over a 8-0? Yes. ....Perry
  7. P

    SASL - Berserk units

    Do ENEMY berserk units in SASL roll for Actions to check for panic? I'd assume not, but can't seem to find anywhere in S16 or S6 that specifically exempts them from doing so. Pete