1. Scott Tortorice

    Stalker RPG

    Stumbled across this while reading an article on Roadside Picnic: http://www.burgergames.com/stalker/EN_web/ It sounds pretty good. LuLu has a print-on-demand copy for $19, which isn't bad as the rules run around 244 pages...
  2. JLStewart1778

    R.G.G. Presents...Zombies!!! The RPG Season 2 Episode 1

    Tonight R.G.G. Presents Zombies!!! The RPG Season 2 Episode 1 "They're Coming for You... Lisa"! Using Savage Worlds Roleplaying System, Zombacalypse from Silver Gryphon-Games and maps from my friend Charles White at Fabled Environments! When: 9:00pm EST Where: www.twitch.tv/robsgamegroup...
  3. D

    New game needs you!

    Hello all! My name is Anti A. Danilevski and I'm making video games. Glad to meet you all! We're making a 3D space adventure/ARPG in hard sci-fi genre, with real-time combat. It's a mix of the spirits of such games as Star Control, Elite, and Space Rangers. It has a simple click-n-go...
  4. R

    Operational and Tactical players wanted

    Hi all I run a WW2 game via email. We are at March 1940 but short of players to do it right. This is a very detailed play by email wargame. Turns are 11 days = 1 game month. Players take roles as leaders, generals, and admirals and work on either the Allied or Axis side to fight the war...