red barricades

  1. DavidDeresinski

    Red Barricades VASL opponent wanted

    I have very flexible hours. I prefer the Germans as I believe RB (CG I or CG III) is at least %80 pro Russian. Please prove me wrong?
  2. Khill

    DB122 Prescription For Kommissar

    Fanatic TW and I played DB122 Prescription For The Kommissar. It is always tough fighting in Stalingrad. This scenario is in Round 2 of the Noreaster Tournament this year. ROAR has this one at 5:5. We diced for sided and I got the germans. It seemed a bit big for tourney: might want to get...
  3. Robin Reeve

    O6.2-21 RB Cellar : ADJACENT to connected Trench?

    Does the O6.2 example exclude the connected Trench in D24 (or at least the 8-3-8 in it) as one of the Locations ADJACENT to C25? No. Is a RB Cellar ADJACENT to a unit in a connected Trench? Yes. ....Perry MMP
  4. James Taylor

    RB Trench & Building Connection for a Bunker?

    This is the situation. The squad/HMG & 9-1 are IN the PB. They want to move from the PB to the building C42 "in one move", i.e. without first stopping in the Trench in D42. Because the PB is a bunker, can this be done directly, thereby avoid DFF in D42? Thanks, JT
  5. Anonymous


    Hi, I was wondering if tunnels can be joined together in RB to make continous tunnel movement a possability as long as you pay for them. Thus 6 hexes ( 2 tunnels) would require 60 FFP.. etc any ideas ??