1. Michael R

    Caves_By_SOP 1.44

    The cave rules, arranged by sequence of play.
  2. sswann

    The Lighthouse Vers 2

    The US 6th Ranger Battalion's first combat mission in the PTO.
  3. psience_guy

    Blood and Jungle (VASL/Skype)

    Several months back I picked up Blood and Jungle and been wanting to run through all or most of the scenarios. I have never played PTO before, so this will be a new experience. However, I have played ASL off and on for a couple of decades - probably forgetting more rules than I care to...
  4. T

    ASLSK PTO Play Testing

    My daughter and I would love to help any scenario designers do play testing for the upcoming ASLSK PTO module. I have the rules and maps already, having worked with MMP on the project. Please drop me an email at TheSQLGuru on Googles mail service if you are interested.
  5. Philippe D.

    G2.3 Jungle at night

    G2.3 says that there is no LOS between adjacent Dense Jungle hexes "except due to Illumination/Gunflash", but then it also says that "Neither starshells nor IR can Illuminate the non-Aerial portion of a jungle hex". So, what exactly can Illuminate a Dense Jungle hex strongly enough that there is...
  6. CrosleyPup

    Should I read PTO rules now or just wait for RS?

    I've only been playing ASL for a couple of years now and kind of been waiting for RS to be republished before diving into the PTO. So my question is should I read the current PTO rules or should I wait for RS? Are there going to be big differences? Thanks!
  7. S

    A12.152 Search Final dr < 0?

    OK, another prompted by my re-read of Chapter G: Search (A 12.152) is often important in PTO scenarios. Bamboo (or terrain equivalent to bamboo by SSR) can complicate things a bit as it counts as two hexes for search purposes. Question: Can a Final search dr result ever be <0 such that...