1. Michael R

    CWM Awesome Armour day photos
  2. Michael R

    My photos from Nor'Easter XX

    They are on FaceBook, but you don't need an account to see them.
  3. Michael R

    Photos from Saint Louis
  4. Michael R

    my photos taken at the Finnish Army Museum

    My wife Diane took the photos for me, because she is a better photographer.
  5. Michael R

    My photos from CASLO XIX May 15-17
  6. Michael R

    Photos from Nor'Easter XIX

    If you didn't see these already on FaceBook:
  7. Michael R

    Photos from Normandy

    Grab a glass of your favourite beverage before you go look at this photos. There are over 700 photos!
  8. Michael R

    interesting D-Day link Hover your mouse of the pictures to see a greatly mangnified version. Also follow the link to the Pegasus Bridge detail. I could not see those photos, but maybe you will.
  9. Michael R

    A few tournament photos...

    These are some of the photos that I took at the 2009 Canadian ASL Open last September. The link below will take you to the Kodak Gallery, which is a photo sharing/selling site. Better late than never. :D...
  10. daveramsey

    OT: WW2 High Def Photos

    Some amazing photos here: