1. Michael R

    Early ASLOK XXX photos.

    Not very exciting, but I wanted to be the first to post some photos. :nuts:
  2. Michael R

    another photo find

    The box art: the photo:
  3. Michael R

    Dead Man's Corner

    I finally mounted a print of the painting "Dead Man's Corner" that I bought while visiting the location during my 2013 visit to Normandy. By the way, there is a scenario by George Kelln set at this location.
  4. Michael R


    The Ortona colour playtest map, after my painstaking addition of stairways, both circular and square. No inherent stairways on this map. The grey open ground is cobblestone, a new terrain type. This is not the final version.
  5. Michael R

    CASLO XVI Photos

    I don't know if this will work. It is a link to a photo album on Facebook. The album is my photos from CASLO XVI in Winnipeg last month.
  6. C

    Uploading Photo

    I've been off of GameSquad for years, but I logged back on and everything's cool. Only one problem: it won't let me update my image (which is blank) - what gives? (my email:
  7. M

    Colourised Photos

    Someone on the Matrix Games forums pointed out colourised photos from a Japanese blog of various IJN warships here: Some RJW ships are included, for example Hashidate: