pegasus bridge

  1. ScottRomanowski

    Map Pegasus Bridge map with levels marked (vsav) 2

    A .vsav file with the hexsides where the elevation changes marked by dragable perimeter lines. Four .jpg files each with one level highlighted in purple.
  2. K

    Bridge Rout Question - Pegasus Bridge

    Where would a unit in hex Y19 rout to if there is a known enemy unit in hex Z17? Here's the map (excerpt): An oddity came up while playing a Pegasus Bridge scenario the other day. Units broke in Y19 and then we got to the rout phase. Typically they would rout toward the nearest woods...
  3. K

    Fortification Location

    What is a Fortification Location? Is it any hex which contains a fortification? Or is it being IN a fortification (which is sometimes a separate location than the rest of the hex)? [I know IN is used for gullies/depressions, but I'm using it here to indicate the unit is claiming entrenchment...