1. RandyT0001

    Overlay Board 8 OG Overlays 1

    Set printer margins to 1/4 inch on all four sides, print on one page of white cardstock in landscape format. If overlays print a little too small to align with the hex grain, increase the bottom margin to 0.24 inches and reprint. If overlay prints a little too big to align with the hex grain...
  2. BigAl737

    VASL Overlay Extension

    This thread serves as the reference point for all things regarding the VASL Overlay Extension. Update September 2020: Version 2.03 has gone active. Version 2.03 adds some SSOs for G16 and AP111. You can get it here: http://vasl.info/extensions.htm (The link above says scenarios but it takes...
  3. RandyT0001

    In Grain Road Overlays

    Yes, I have a created another overlay monster, road overlays. They can be used for ASL or SL. Like before set your printer margins to 1/4 inch and it should print, landscape format, at a scale suitable for use on the boards. There are no position numbers and really never can be. I refer to them...
  4. RandyT0001

    Overlay Board 6 Classical Ruins 2017-09-03

    Large overlay to cover the chateau area within the walls and hedges of board 6