1. =FC=Gorgon

    Nor'easter XXII 2018 Apr 5th - Apr 8th Boxborough, MA

    Hi Folks, I wanted to let you all know that we had great success with our ASLSK support at Nor'easter XXI last year so we are making this a regular part of the event now. Mitch Abrams will be back to acting as the ASLSK Emm Cee and handling matchups, scenario selection ideas, advice and a good...
  2. =FC=Gorgon

    Nor'easter XXI 2017 Boxborough, MA

    Yes, we all survived Nor'easter XX and another year has past. Nor'easter XXI is on the horizon for our annual Spring ASL fun! Due to popular demand, Nor'easter XXI will remain a 4 day event with the doors opening at 1000 EDT (1400 Zulu) Thu March 30th and run to Sunday April 2nd. See the end...