1. agoldin

    Illuminating Round availability for OBA

    Question for the hive mind: Consider a Night scenario in which OBA is available. SSR says OBA may use HE and SMOKE. Does that mean Illuminating Rounds (IR) are NOT available? The specific reason I ask is for the KGP Stoumont CG. Both US and German artillery is specified as having HE and SMOKE...
  2. agoldin

    Routing at Night

    Hello all, Here's my second night routing question: It is Night. NVR is 2. It is the Rout phase. What rout options exist for the Broken Americans in S24, and why? Thanks! ?
  3. agoldin

    Night, Routing, Melee, and Close Combat

    Hello ASL-ers, A friend of mine and I are commemorating the season with some Kampfgruppe Peiper. Naturally there's plenty of fighting at night, which is new to both of us. Here's our rules question: It's Night. Can a unit in Melee voluntarily break, and rout away? It seems like it may be...
  4. Philippe D.

    G2.3 Jungle at night

    G2.3 says that there is no LOS between adjacent Dense Jungle hexes "except due to Illumination/Gunflash", but then it also says that "Neither starshells nor IR can Illuminate the non-Aerial portion of a jungle hex". So, what exactly can Illuminate a Dense Jungle hex strongly enough that there is...
  5. C

    Accounting for time of year?

    Hello all Just a thought that occurred to me while playing Rzhev '42. I thought it curious that the times of daylight and darkness seemed to be pretty much exactly the same for November as in June, but this is in the northern part of European Russia. I researched the sunrise and sunset...
  6. S

    FB CGII Night Assault set up question

    Hello, The Night Rules generally state that the cloaked Attacker enters from off board. In the case where you have units already on board and a Night Assault is planned, are the on board units allowed to use cloaking? Thanks! David
  7. R

    Loss of Cloaking at Night

    E1.31: An Inf unit loses Cloaking/"?" at night if it uses non-aslt mvmt in a loc that is already illum when that unit expends MF in it..." Q: If the units enters (NAM) an already illum hex (from an existing blaze), that is out of los of all enemy units, does it lose cloaking/concealment...