1. agoldin

    KGP CG Idle dates and on-map setup

    Hello Hive Mind, I'm playing Kampfgruppe Peiper CG3, La Gleize. The previous CG date was Idle and no scenario was generated (8.6232, Initiative Matrix). I am buying my forces and preparing for the next CG Date. CG7 a) states, "Each German RG whose ID ... begins with an "I", "V" or "HW" which...
  2. agoldin

    KGP Routing Question

    Hello ASL Hive Mind, A friend and I are playing KGP2 La Gleize. Mist is Extremely Heavy, giving a +1 LOS Hindrance per hex (KGP SSR3). The broken American stack in QQ42 must rout. Can they rout away through QQ43? Or are they eliminated for Failure to Rout? Or must they surrender by the Rout...
  3. agoldin

    KGP Stoumont, Paging Mr. Jim (Germans) and Mr. Eric (Americans)

    Greetings all, Kind of an unusual request but thought I'd give it a shot. A friend of mine and I have 'fought' back and forth over Stoumont for the last year and a half, over three different CGs, so you can imagine our interest when my friend (also named Eric who also played the Americans) came...
  4. Michael R

    Marking the map for KGP, PB etc. style Setup Areas

    I have a question about marking the map in a CG that uses Setup Areas like KGP and PB. Ortona uses the same method, which is why I need to ask. Picture a building hex that has two strategic locations (ground and level one). There are no other strategic locations within ten hexes. Side A...
  5. Tycho

    Bridge at Cheneux

    Hi All, About to start this CG. The victory conditions state the bridge is worth 5 points. My map (the paper one, but on VASL as well) lists it at 3 points. I have the KGP II errata, am I missing something? Thanks, Tycho
  6. P

    Calculating LVP in KGP Campaign Games

    All the AARs and comments I have seen on KGP CGs (particularly CGIII) seem to assume that if an idle date is generated, then LVPs are calculated for the idle date, and added into the running total. My reading of rule 8.6 suggests that if the CG date is Idle, then steps 8.601-8.603 are not...
  7. R

    KGP Very Heavy Mist and Overrun DRM

    > Rule:D7.15 > Question:In a KGP CG scenario does Very Heavy Mist affect an overrun attack as a modifier? eg, >Is the modifier for an OVR in an Open Ground hex -1 (open ground), or 0 (-1 open ground, +1 >very heavy mist)? > Yes. 0. ....Perry MMP