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    Ghost ship and haunted forts

    Some interesting screenshots from Jutland ;) Two french forts visible in the middle of The Chanel Ghost ship AMC Flying Dutch ;)
  2. Lempereur1

    JUTLAND-SHIP PACK 1-US North Sea Released!

    08.05.2009 Charlottesville, Virginia FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Storm Eagle Studios Announces JUTLAND SHIP PACK 1 - US NORTH SEA has gone GOLD and is available for immediate download! NOW ON SALE! Jutland Expansion -Ship Pack 1 $29.95 US North Sea 1916 Official Website - JUTLAND PRO...
  3. Lempereur1

    The Americans are Coming????

  4. Lempereur1

    Jutland Ship Pack 1 - US North Sea Sneak Peak

    Ok Jutland fans, here is a sneak peak at the very,very soon to be released Jutland Expansion - SHip Pack 01 - US North Sea
  5. Lempereur1

    Distant Guns Pro ??????

  6. Lempereur1

    Firefighting Distant Guns vs Jutland

    Some here think that damage by on-board fires in Distant Guns is to harsh. As in all commercial wargames, be they board or computer, the simulation systems used in the game is a reflection of the opinions of the game designer. In this case, Norm Koger is one of the foremost experts on the...